5 Reasons to Love Dublin

Dublin is easily one of my favourite places to visit - the streets are full of history, the Irish are all welcoming and thanks to Ryanair's £10 flights, Dublin is probably cheaper to visit than travelling to most places in the UK via train. It was only last year that I lost my 'Dublin virginity', but it has been a place that I dreamt of visiting since I was a child and when I finally got my chance to fly out there it was everything I had expected and more. Since the summer holidays are fast approaching and there's lots going on in the city, I've teamed up with Chill House Insurance to highlight five reasons why you will probably fall in love with Dublin and to introduce you to Chill's fabulous competition where you could win tickets to the Taste of Dublin Festival held on 19th -16th June 2016.

The Atmosphere

Everywhere you go in Dublin, there's a great, friendly atmosphere. There's music on almost every street corner from buskers playing live in the streets to the sound of traditional Irish music echoing from adjacent bars and there's a real buzz on Grafton Street with shoppers browsing the high street, all looking for the latest bargains. The streets are crowded, but not too crowded like most cities - you can easily get around.

The Drinks

Even if you love it or hate it, you cannot visit Dublin without sampling some of the 'black stuff' Ireland's biggest export Guinness or having a tipple of Jameson whiskey. Drinking is quite a big thing in Ireland as it's a great excuse to get everyone together. The Temple Bar is a world renowned that is the epitome of Irish culture - there's drinking, dancing, folk music and enjoyment - what's not to love?

The History

Dublin has a wealth of history spanning over 1,000 years and if you're a history geek like myself, there's plenty to learn in the heart of the city. Whether it's literature, music or ancient history or modern history that interests you, Dublin has it all. From statues to castles, museums to tour guides, there's something for everybody to learn.

The River Liffey

Another reason to love Dublin is the river  Liffey. The river is over 125km and flows through Dublin city. On a bright, summery day the river is lovely to walk along and there's so many spectacular views. The bridges that pass over the Liffey all have such fascinating histories such as Ha'penny bridge that was built in 1816. The bridge gets its nickname Ha'penny bridge because 100 years ago there was a toll charge for crossing that particular bridge and the charge was a ha'penny.

The People

A city can be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but it's the people who live there that really help make a visit to another country enjoyable. In Dublin, service is always with a smile and everyone seems very welcoming, whether you're asking for directions to get talking over a few glasses of guinness at the bar. You cannot beat a welcoming, friendly reception when you're away from home.

If you're liking the sound of Dublin and this roundup has made you eager to visit, check out the Chill Home Insurance website to win tickets to the Taste of Dublin festival. Travel and accommodation isn't included, but winning those tickets may finally give you the excuse to get booking those flights. 

What do you love about Dublin?



  1. Great post, I love Dublin!
    Check out my blog: www.captain-irish.blogspot.com

  2. It makes getting around the city simpler than at any other time, and not only for vacationers. It appears that such a variety of changes in framework are made considering tourism, yet for once we have a plan that puts the inhabitants first. With a €10 yearly membership and a couple of legs, the city opens itself up for investigating. Where already, north and south were full time work every, now you can go from Portobello to Mountjoy Square and back again in less time than it would take to bounce on a transport.

  3. Dublin is certainly a place to visit in my "go-to" list. This is not a place where we'd go without much learning, because if you'd like to enjoy this place - you should know how you can enjoy it. Checking out youtube videos will also work.

  4. Well, I have studied my 4 years there as well as loved this city. Dublin is one of the prominent city, which provides fascinating sites with tremendous architecture. It's quite magnificent.


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