Reasons why you should consider short term holiday lets

When booking a holiday or a city break, finding the right accommodation to suit your needs is really important. Some people want five star luxury and a butler on demand, while others want a home away from home with minimal distractions. Now more than ever before, the tourism industry is becoming savvier to travellers needs and there's now a plethora of accommodation options compared to previous years. Thanks to sites such as Air BnB, holiday apartments and short term rentals are soaring in popularity and hotels have some heavy competition.

I've always been a hotel girl, I love room service at my demand, the smell of luxury soaps when you enter the bathroom and raiding the mini bar, but staying in a hotel comes at quite a hefty price, a hefty price that I cannot always afford. As I'm looking to travel more frequently these days, I need to start managing my budget a little bit better and explore different options. Here's a few reasons why short term let/holiday apartments may be more cost effective than hotels.

Hotel prices in cities are extortionate

Cities always come with a premium price tag, especially places like London. The food is more expensive, the drinks are more expensive, so of course hotels will follow suit. In the past I've paid £300 - £400 easily on a two night hotel stay in London,  but now having researched short terms lets London I've found apartments for as little as £130. 

There's better deals for those travelling with friends

If you're travelling with close friends, it would work out a lot cheaper to have an apartment to share for a few days and rather than a few hotel rooms and you get your own space to chill out and have drinks - drinks that don't have to be purchased at a hotel bar.

Short term lets enable you to see what it is like living in a specific area

If you have dreamt of moving to a city and want to see what it is like, having a short term let or an apartment would allow you to experience this by going food shopping in the local area then coming back to your apartment to cook and socialising at the nearest bar.

You can save money by not eating out

When you're staying at a hotel, you're more likely to eat at restaurants or cafes because there's nowhere to cook and eating out two or three times a day if you're staying somewhere for more than a few days can become quite expensive. Renting an apartment enables you to cook your own meals if you're tight on money and then you can always eat out if you decide to treat yourself. 

I'm not too sure whether I'm willing to give up my hotel stays yet, but having researched holiday letting, i'm really surprised by all the money I could potentially save in future. If you're on a tight or restricted budget, short term lets are something you should definitely look into.

Have you stayed in a short term holiday let before?


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