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Discovering new places to eat is one of my favourite pastimes and in Leeds, there's an abundance of new and exciting eateries opening up almost every month. As a vegetarian, I'm always on the search for restaurants and cafes that go above and beyond to cater for special dietary requirements and try to stray away from safe options. I love fresh wholesome food with plenty of flavour and surprisingly, that can sometimes be hard to come by.

Wolf Street is a recently opened deli on St Paul's street Leeds, in the heart financial district of the city and last week, I was kindly invited to check it out. Wolf Street has been open approximately six months and caters mainly for busy city office workers on their lunchtime rush due to it's location, but if you're in that side of the city, it is definitely worth paying a visit.

According to their website: "Wolf was born from a ferocious passion for all things Italian" and having visited the deli, I can definitely tell you that the staff are very passionate about their trade. Their prepping areas are immaculately clean, their ingredients look so fresh it makes your mouth water and every team member speaks about the Wolf Street products with high enthusiasm. 

The Wolf Street menu caters for every lunchtime Italian craving from pasta dishes to pizza, crusty Italian focaccia to hearty, yet healthy salad bowls. There's also my personal favourite, the Piada which is a thin crust Italian wrap available in sizes small or large. Having never previously had a Piada, it was the one thing that really stuck out on the menu to me and I was really intrigued by the sound of it. The Piada is an Italian wrap that is gently heated up and covered in a garlic salt, it's then up to you to choose your filling.

There are plenty of fillings and toppings available for all the items at Wolf Street and lots of choices for both vegetarians and carnivores.  The first step is to choose your base ingredient - as a vegetarian I opted for the fresh seasonal vegetables, but there's a variety of chicken, steak and even Italian sausage for those looking for something a bit meatier. The next step is to choose your sauce. There's both hot and cold sauces from pesto to pomodoro. I choose the pomodoro which is a mild tomato sauce and then I finished my wrap with three items from the salad bar. I went for avocado, sun dried tomatoes and rocket.

The end result was delicious and probably the best tasting wrap I've had in a long time. Everything tasted really fresh, the vegetables had lots of flavour and it was really filling - something which a lot vegetarian dishes struggle with. This wrap was £4.45 and although I've read a few reviews that say Wolf Street is a little bit overpriced, I would say that price is definitely fair. You can tell the food has been made with love, it's a substantial lunch and it tastes healthy. If I worked closer to Wolf Street, I would be there everyday and to those who are passing by, I'd definitely say pop in, it's worth it.

Have you been to Wolf Street before?



  1. I've never been here but it looks super tasty!


  2. Wow this place looks very interesting, it made me hungry hehe. I have never eaten there before, I am more of sushi person If I may say. I have this incredible sushi place just down the road, might be going there this week. Great post x


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