Happy Valentine's Day - Cleo by Panache Review

Today I thought I would heat things up by writing a post about my new Cleo by Panache underwear. I don't really blog much about fashion these days and very rarely do lingerie posts, but Panache have been a brand that I have wanted to try for awhile now and since it's Valentine's Day and everyone's in the mood for love and seduction, I thought this would be a great fit.

Panache are a popular underwear brand that specialises in D to K cup lingerie, with smaller cup sizes arriving this spring. Their collections are really trendy as the brand names suggests and they come in a variety of colours, styles and patterns. It always shocks people when I tell them that I was once an F cup. It was when I was much larger and carried a lot more weight and since shedding the pounds my bra size has dropped to an ample C cup. When I had a much larger bra size, I always struggled to find bras that looked good for my age. I was only 17 at the time and the majority of bras that I stumbled across looked highly unflattering and finding something youthful was next to impossible. These days having a larger breast size is much more common and there are now a lot more retailers catering for a wider selection of 'bussoms'.

Panache recently sent me their Cleo by Panache Kali baby doll set to review ahead of Valentine's Day and try for size. I explained to them that I'm a C cup, but they said that some of their sizes can vary just like many other high street bra shops and that this particular baby doll in a D cup would probably fit just nicely. When the set arrived I fell in love in the bright red colour and you could tell the lingerie was of a good quality by the feel of the fabric. I really like the little lace heart detailing that helps this particular baby doll stand out from the crowd and the lace knickers that came with it are a flattering cut - they sit perfectly on my hips and help enhance my curves. This set is a real confidence booster.

Overall I'm really happy with the Panache babydoll set I was sent to check out and they have lived up and exceeded my expectations. I had heard so many positive things about the brand from press, bloggers and my friends and I'm incredibly happy that they are bringing out a few smaller sizes so that I can shop there more in the future.

Have you bought any Panache underwear before?

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