5 Ways to Source Travel Beauty Samples

We've all been there, frantically checking each of our beauty products to see if they comply with the 'under 100ml' rule before heading out to the airport. I cannot count the amount of times I've been pulled over by security after I've forgotten to 'plastic bag an item'. But fear not, if you like to look good on holiday and want a way to stick under the 100ml, there's a cheap and cheerful way to have a full set of beauty items without packing a suitcase full of bottles.

Beauty samples are great for going on holiday as they take up minimal space in a cosmetics bag and you can throw them away once you have used them. These days there's lots of free or affordable ways you collect beauty samples and if you're savvy, you can collect and stockpile them for all your future trips.

Beauty Counters

Getting beauty samples from beauty counters can be tricky as so many people ask for them, but the majority of the time if you are genuinely interested in trialling a brand or perfume, they will hand them out. Many foundation brands often have '7 day trials' on their products (you can find these by checking out the brands social media channels) and the samples are quite generous.

Subscription Boxes

If you travel regularly and you're looking to try new beauty products, subscription beauty boxes are a great way of discovering different brands and also getting travel sized products that you can take in your carry on. If you're a perfume fanatic like myself and worry about not having enough on your holiday, check out The Fragrance Shop Discovery club*. The Discovery Club is a quarterly subscription box where you are given 10 of the most popular perfume samples of that quarter. Each box has a theme and this month mine was 'perfume classics'. The box had samples of my favourite perfume such as the Jimmy Choo original and discount vouchers that you can redeem against full sized products. These boxes are only £5.00 per quarter with free shipping.


eBay is also a useful site for finding beauty samples. If you're looking for samples of your favourite perfume instead of taking the whole bottle, eBay is a fantastic place to find them. If you're looking to try new perfumes or cosmetics and you're wanting a few variations, try typing in 'job lot samples'.


Everyone loves a good magazine freebie and every now and then some of the higher end fashion and beauty mags have some great freebies attached to them or on the inside pages. I have a box under my bed full of samples I've found in magazines and they have come in very handy on my travels.

Freebie Websites

Finally if you're short on cash and looking for some freebies to tie you over before you invest in more beauty products, there are plenty of websites available online where you can find free beauty products. One of my favourite websites has to be 'Latest Free Stuff', but there's also 'Magic Freebies' and a whole lot more. Be careful when entering your details to some of these websites as they can generate a lot of spam and be very aware of scam websites. If a website looks suspicious, always read reviews before hand.

Are you a sample hoarder?


  1. I used to be a total sample hoarder. Now I try to use them up more. I always keep few bits for the holidays but rest are going straight into bathroom or my bag (perfume samples) my work desk is always full of them as well (hand cream, perfume, maybe a mini blusher or powder etc). I loved this post. People often complain at the sizes of the samples but I agree it's the best way to survive holidays without having to carry many kg of products :) great post

    Love, D x


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