Four Reasons Why Mallorca Should be On Your Bucket List

Mallorca, commonly known as Majorca is the largest of the trio of Balearic Islands situated East of the Spanish mainland in the heart of the Meditterean sea. During my childhood I regularly visited the Balearic islands with my parents and from a young age fell in love with the beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters these islands have to offer. Unfortunately the Balearic islands often get a reputation due to their big nightlife scene. Magaluf, one of Majorca's most popular clubbing haunts makes more money in its small beach strip compared to all three of the islands combined. But don't let that put you off. Away from the partygoers, Mallorca has so much to offer from picturesque port towns to beautiful gothic architecture. Today I have teamed up with Book Mallorca to highlight just a few out of many reasons why Mallorca should be on your bucket list this summer.

One of the first reasons why Mallorca should be on your bucket list this year is magnificent Mallorcan coastline. There are 262 beaches in Mallorca spanning over 50km so whether you're looking for a leisurely stroll or wanting to take part in some watersports, there's something for everybody.

If you prefer eating seafood and watching the boats come in, there are many small fishing villages and ports on the island from Cala Figuera and Port D'andratx in the south to Port de Pollenca in the north and of course Palma Marina in Majorca's capital.

Reason number three to visit Mallorca is to see their world renowned caves. The Caves of Drach is one of those places that you once you have left, you will never forget. The cave is home to the world's largest underground lake extending almost 1200 metres and the cave features impressive stalactites and stalagmites will have you mesmerised. The tour finishes with a concert of classical music and the surroundings light up in symphony. 

My final reason has to be the beautiful architecture in Palma, Mallorca's capital. Like many port and airport towns, Palma can sometimes get a little bit overlooked as tourists are too busy to reach their destinations, but Palma is a fantastic spot for those who admire architecture, particularly art nouveau, gothic and contemporary art. The above image is of Palma Cathedral which was built in the 1600s and is the highest gothic cathedral in Europe, beating the likes of the Notre Dame.

There are many reasons why Mallorca is a great place to visit, so why not do some research and see if anything on the island catches your eye. I'm almost certain there will be something that grabs your attention and makes Mallorca tick all the boxes this summer.

                                                           Have you been to Mallorca before?



  1. I took the kids to Mallorca last year and we had a lovely time - but I'd love to go back and visit those caves!


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