Vondel Park, Amsterdam

Last night I was going through my camera and looking at all my photographs from Amsterdam and came across these beautiful pictures from Vondel Park, the park we visited on our final day before heading to the airport. Vondel Park is the largest park in Amsterdam and attracts over 10 million visitors each year. The park is kept in excellent condition and is a beautiful place to walk around, especially in autumn when the leaves are falling on the ground and everything has that autumnal red and burst orange colour. 

Vondelpark was named after a Dutch poet, Joost van den Vondel and was founded in 1864 by noble and business men. The park is very popular with cyclists, walkers, families and art and history enthusiasts, as well tourists just wanting to pop by to see the true beauty of the park.

The park has large ponds, plenty of wildlife and several monuments. There is a large sculpture of the Dutch poet Vondel, constructed by Louis Royer in 1867, an abstract 'Fish' from 1965 by Pablo Picasso and a bronze Caribbean woman called 'Mama Baranka' designed by sculptor Nelson Carillho.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our little stroll through Vondel park and it's a perfect way of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for an hour or two.

Have you been to Vondel Park?


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  7. Greetings from Amsterdam's Vondelpark! Vondel park, a well-liked urban oasis recognized for its dynamic atmosphere and natural beauty, is located right in the center of the city. With its expansive green areas, charming ponds, and meandering walks, it provides a tranquil haven from the bustle of the city.


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