Autumn Fitness - The Countdown to Christmas

I'm sorry to startle you all, but did you know it is only 11 weeks until Christmas? I cannot believe how fast time has flown. It feels like two minutes since I made my New Year Resolutions (only one of which I have managed to stick to) and in a few weeks time I'll be making a brand new set. I don't have a clue where 2015 has gone, but I do know I only have a short time to get LBD ready for party season. Here's how I intend on getting fit for Christmas.


Walking has always been one of my favourite things to do, but now I have a car I've become rather lazy. Instead of walking to the shops, I usually drive and the only walking exercise I get is too and from the train station at work. My plan is walk at least half an hour a day and go for long strolls with my husband on a weekend. Both of us love driving up to the countryside and we haven't done it in awhile. I'm lucky to live near many beautiful reservoirs and lakes.


Swimming is one of my favourite exercises and the one I do the most regularly. I've always been a good swimmer and can easily swim a mile (64 lengths) in less than an hour when I'm not feeling too lazy. My aim is to swim three times a week and do at least 30 lengths each time. I love going just before bed so I can come back home and fall to sleep easily.

Pole Fitness

If you have read my blog for awhile, you will know that I love pole fitness and I even have a pole in my spare room. Unfortunately I had to give this up early this year due to ill health and the pole at my house has barely been touched. Over the next few weeks I'm determined to start dancing at least once a week at home to ease my way back into dancing and hopefully by the new year I will be able to start lessons again.

If you're looking for more exercise tips check out this guide* to staying active whatever the weather, there's lots of wonderful tips and advice to give you winter fitness motivation.

Are you planning on getting fit this autumn?



  1. look at you enjoying pole fit! That has surprised me - it's so nice to find out people's hobbies and things they enjoy. Good luck feeling better & getting that perfect LBD!
    Bee |

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