Where to Find Holiday Inspiration

Choosing where you would like to go on holiday should be an enjoyable, exciting experience, but with so many countries and so little time to plan, it's sometimes a minefield trying to figure out where to go. There are so many things to take into consideration when choosing a destination, like whether you are looking for a beach holiday or something more adventurous, a city break or country retreat, flying, sailing or trekking. It can become rather overwhelming if you sit and think about it too much. 

Next year my husband and I are planning to travel a lot more. Both of us have recently got the travel bug and have realised we are both getting nearer to 30 and haven't seen half of the places we would like to see. We are both in need of a high dose of travel inspiration and luckily, I think I have stumbled across some great techniques that can help us all.


If you spend your days dreaming of white beaches, beautiful architecture and images that give you wanderlust, Pinterest is the place to visit when looking for travel inspiration. Pinterest combines professional images as well as pictures from peoples travels and useful guides and tips from both travel agents, bloggers and regular people like you and I. You can create your own bucket list, be inspired by other peoples and plan out your journey in Pinterest albums. 

Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are also a great source of inspiration for those that want to learn about new places from a trustworthy, reliable source. Bloggers often give honest blog posts and usually when they rave about a place, you know it is worth visiting. My favourite travel bloggers are: This Girl Loves, Lux Life and Six out of 10.

Travel Magazines

Although many people believe magazines are going out of fashion, there's nothing I love more than seeing glossy prints images and reading great travel features on a Sunday evening thanks to Conde Nast Traveller. Conde Nast Traveller is one of my new magazine subscriptions thanks to Magazine.co.uk and the first issue that arrived just happened to be about 'The World's Top 100 Places to Visit'.  Another one of my favourite magazines is Wanderlust and I love their 'Inspire Me' webpage that picks a destination for you based on your current mood.

Travel Guides

If you have already picked a place to visit and you're looking to learn more about it, I would recommend investing in a travel guide. I found this very useful when I was in Dublin and prior to my visit, it gave me inspiration of places to see whilst I was there. The Marco Polo guides that I recently reviewed also has a hidden gem section and tips from previous visitors.

Speak to your friends and colleagues

Finally if you're still struggling to find a place to visit, speak to your friends, family or work colleagues. A lot of my holidays have been of recommendations from my friends and family. 

Where do you find your travel inspiration?


  1. I definitely have the travel bug too and spend way too long trying to find holiday inspo!
    Liquid Grain

  2. Facebook, TV, blogs, anywhere really. Great post.

  3. Ah, thanks for the mention lovely! I'm filled with wanderlust at the moment but no holiday plans - booo!


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