Holiday Packing with George, ASDA

When it comes to holiday packing I'm a girl that never likes to travel light, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Like the times when you're strapped for cash and you need to share your partners suitcase or those mini trips away where you cannot justify a 15kg suitcase for two days. The older i've got the more I have realised that I have a tendency to overpack and when I try to limit myself, I end up taking all the essentials that I need and have a lot better time as I'm not going through the endless amount of clothes in my suitcase every day trying to figure out what to wear. 

Recently I was asked to pick a few holiday essential pieces from George, ASDA. George isn't usually the place I would visit when planning my holiday outfits, but I was pleasantly surprised by their offering.  I used to associate George with older women's clothing or cheap and cheerful pieces that you would pick up at the supermarket, but the brand over the last year or so have really upped their game. When I was planning the items for this post, I found myself adding so many items to the basket that I had almost doubled my shopping budget, but in the end I did manage to narrow it down to these few pieces. 

Firstly, how amazing is this city graphic swimsuit? At £12 it's an absolute bargain. Not only is this swimsuit eye-catching, it also comes with detachable straps and padded cups to ensure optimum support and comfort. Secondly, these sunglasses are a steal at £3. They are almost identical to my Michael Kors aviators and are only a fraction of the price. I've been wearing them nonstop since I received them. If you plan on lounging by the pool with this fab swimsuit and these lovely sunnies, then why not combine them with these simply elegant gladiator sandals? These gladiator sandals will ensure your feet stay breezy and comfy and will look great with any outfit due to their versatile design. When you have picked all your pieces and need something to carry them in, George even has a wide variety of affordable suitcases from you to choose from.

George has everything from luggage to holiday gear and even an amazing selection of dresses. I have been blown away by the quality and price of these items and will definitely be checking out George again in the future.  For a trip on a budget or last minute holiday clothing, George has proved it definitely has you covered.

Have you shopped at George recently?



  1. OK I am obsessed with that swimsuit!!!
    I love George at Asda for basics for the office, their products wash up great as opposed to the likes of Primark which I find lose thier was after a few washes.
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

  2. I love George, I get loads there for the kids as well as myself! :)


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