Nude Gemstone Proposal Rings

Like most girls, I'm a big fan of jewellery and love collecting everything from cutesy animal rings to large costume gemstones. The only thing I find about jewellery is that much like clothing, jewellery is very subjective and different types of jewellery and different colours suit different people. I often find that yellow gold jewellery doesn't bode well my complexion, but white or rose gold looks really good on me. Red, purple and pinky gemstone colours also flatter my skintone much more than yellows, greens or oranges. Getting the shade of your jewellery right as well as the cut and style can make a big difference.

Because we all have different style and varying jewellery needs, Nude jewellery have recently launched their new gemstone proposal rings. The proposal ring collection has been designed for men or women that would like to propose to their partner, but worry about getting their style all wrong. Those looking to propose can simply use this ring as a gesture of romance and commitment then worry about buying the real ring together, ensuring that both parties are happy with the final ring. The Nude Jewellery proposal collection are all handmade and set with semi precious and precious gemstones for less than £150, they are the perfect gift for those looking for a unique engagement ring or looking for something a little bit more quirky and personality suited than your typical diamond cluster.

Shown above is the Iris Proposal ring sent to me to review by Nude Jewellery. The Iris proposal ring is a triangular shape which features a deep purple amethyst gemstone in a geometric design. This ring can be used as a proposal ring or used as an everyday fashion piece and looks good with almost any outfit.  Since receiving this ring I have barely stopped wearing it. The fit is perfect, the style is versatile and goes with everything I own and I love the quirky shape. I personally love the idea of proposal rings and think they are a great way to uniquely propose. I was lucky my husband bought me the perfect engagement ring when he proposed but I do know other friends of mine that have had to go back and select another more suited to their style. By proposing this way you get a great fashion ring that you wear every single day with no problems and you get the fun of going to buy your real engagement ring together. 

What are your thoughts on Proposal Rings?



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