Nan Noble House: Thailand Academy 3

It has been over two months since I went to Thailand and I have still so much to talk about. Everyday I experienced in Thailand could easily have 10 posts dedicated to it. Today I thought i'd write a little post about my visit to the Nan Noble House during my Thailand Academy 3 trip. The Nan Noble House is a well-preserved example of a century old Thai house. Each room is like walking back through history with immaculate detailing and original furnishings. 

When we arrived we were greeted by the Tourist minister in her authentic thai style clothing and young girls each handing out lucky jasmine garlands. We were then taken on a tour of the Nan Noble House by the owner and some of the local tour guides. This house belongs to the daughter of Chao Fong Came, the Nan princess and is made out of old traditional teak wood. The house is situated on the outskirts of the town and has the most beautiful architecture and land. This type of traditional house is quite rare in larger cities like Nan but if you visit more rural areas, some people still live in these type of houses. Most of the houses are basic, yet fulfill all the living needs of those who reside there. As a visitor from the Western world it was lovely to see such a minimalist, beautiful house that is unspoilt by technology and crammed with luxuries like our houses. It makes you value what you have and see the true beauty of a more natural environment.

After our house tour, we sat down to listen to a speech by the Mayor of Nan. The Mayor told us that he really wanted to see an increase in tourism to Nan and that the city has so much more to offer than people realise. He also spoke about the Thailand Academy 3 trip and saw this as a chance to spread the word about his city and the traditional style weaving that still takes place all around northern Thailand. 

After our sit down with the Mayor we were lead downstairs to watch a traditional Thai dance. The women wore the most beautiful clothing and we dined on sticky rice and mango. It was great to see the girls in traditional attire and looking so immaculate. The music made us feel good and really helped capture the essence of Thailand. Watching this dance was probably one of my most memorable experiences during the visit.

After our sticky rice and mango pit stop, we were then lead to the ground floor where traditional weaving still takes place. The girls that work there come voluntarily to be trained and the tradition of weaving often goes back generations in their families. The lady that owns the house showed us around and demonstrated the cotton fabric process. After a few demonstrations, there's also a chance to have a go for yourself. I didn't dare try it as I'm useless when it comes to any type of sewing or weaving but it was great to see all the girls having a go.

The Nan Noble House is a wonderful place and definitely worth a visit if you're in Nan. The house is free entry but it advised that you give a donation on the door. There's also a lovely little gift shop where you can purchase some of the traditionally woven fabric and beautiful gardens for you to explore.

Have you been to a Thai Noble House before?



  1. This is such a great post! Thanks for sharing. I spent quite a bit of time in Thailand myself but never went to a Noble House. I wish I did though xo

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