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I admit, I've never been one for regular visiting beauty salons apart from getting my hair done, but recently I have began to see the appeal. A few months ago I had my first facial and fell in love with it. I loved how soft my skin felt, the relaxation of sitting back in a chair and letting someone else do the work and the priceless advice that the beautician gave me regarding skin care. After my first facial I vowed to make going to a beauty salon a regular occurrence and that I would look into more treatments that they have to offer.

Recently I was invited down to Bellissima Exclusive*in Guiseley to test out a few of their services. Bellissima Exclusive is one of Yorkshire's Premier Beauty Salons and Skin clinics specialising in all beauty treatments and facial aesthetics. After an extensive browse through their treatment list, I opted to try DiamondTome Mini Microdermabrasion with the Omnilux Renew light therapy and experience their digital skin analysis.

Bellissima Salon reception

For those commuting from Leeds, the train only takes 10 minutes to get to Guiseley and passes through the village every 15 minutes. Once you arrived at the train station, it is a five minute walk down the beautiful town streets with plenty of charity shops and stores to occupy your time if you are a little bit early for your appointment. When I arrived at the Bellissima Exclusive salon I was happy to see that the salon felt very hygienic, very smart and looked highly professional. The staff were highly accommodating offering me a drink upon arrival and it was only a few minutes sat in the waiting area before my appointment. 

I was then lead to a small room with a clinical grade camera to have my skin analysis. The consultation began with questions about my overall skin health, how much time I spend in the sun, my diet, stress levels and my skin care regime. The questions were really in depth and you knew that by the end of the consultation that the therapist would have everything they needed to know to answer any of your skin based questions. During this consultation I felt at ease as the skin therapist joked and laughed with me and made me feel very welcome. After my initial consultation, I was asked to place my head on the camera and have my photo taken. This photograph is then downloaded to the computer and a detailed analysis pops up 5 minutes later. I have always looked after my skin and the analysis clearly showed this. I'm 24 and luckily received a skin diagnostic age of 25. The only thing said to be aging me was the fact that I had severely dehydrated skin from being in and out of hospital. After the consultation the therapist gave me a few product recommendations based on her findings and then led me to treatment room where I would have my microdermabrasion facial.

treatment room

I'm not going to lie, the thought of having a microdermabrasion facial terrified me. I envisioned a large roller being applied to my face and expected pain, but it was nothing like that. The therapist selected a really fine roller no bigger than a marker pen and gently glided it along my face. Throughout most of the treatment the roller just tickled, but there was an odd pinch here and there on the more sensitive parts of my face. One the dead skin had been removed, the therapist applied the Omnilux renew peel and placed me under a bright red light whilst wearing a pair of protective sunglasses. The intensity of the light took some getting used to, but once my eyes adjusted I felt very relaxed. I was under the light approximately 15 minutes and after the treatment, she proceeded to the final stage of applying my facial. As previously mentioned I have been suffering from extensive dry skin due to being dehydrated so the therapist used a really nice hydrating mask. 

Once the treatment had ended, I felt renewed and like a different person.The microdermabrasion had taken awhile all my dead skin to leave me with a baby soft face and the moisturiser applied at the end made it even softer. I had a small amount of redness for an hour or so after the treatment due to the slightly invasive nature of the microdermabrasion but nothing I couldn't handle and it was definitely worth it for the after result. My face remained soft and vibrant for at least 2 weeks after the treatment and I can't wait to book in again.

Have you had a microdermabrasion treatment before?



  1. This sounds absolutely fascinating and really relaxing all in one x

  2. Same experience i have to share with it. I am 23 now and till my 22 i never been to a saloon other than to do my eye brow done but first time for my engagement function i had been to a parlour to do my face and i felt so warm there. after that i started going saloon every two month to clean up my face. as like you told it is a nice experience to lay calm and let someone else work on our face. Nice and interesting post you have shared and thank you so much for your advice
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  3. I love my monthly facial. As you say, they are so relaxing and every girl deserves a pampering session from time-to-time (or more often, lol!). I have regular skin analysis done. I find them quite daunting but they are such a learning experience, are they not? Your very brave to have microdermabrasion. I still haven't plucked up the courage to have one! Tx

  4. This sounds like a great experience! I love the idea of the digital skin analysis, although I don't know if I'd want to see what mine showed up! I've never had any kind of facial, I avoid hairdressers as much as possible too as I really hate people touching my face/head haha!

    Jess xo

  5. Sounds really relaxing experience :)

    Pink Frenzy

  6. it's really facinating graphic use for the face recognition.

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