Looking After Ombre Hair

Ombre hair has been one of the biggest hair trends of the last three years and has seen the likes of Alexa Chung, Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively (to name but a few) all taking their dark long locks and adding a bit of dip dye over the summer. Last year I fell head over heels for this trend and followed the footsteps of all these celebrities by bleaching my hair, the only thing I didn't realise is the amount of damage it can do and the level of upkeep it takes.

I love my Ombre hair but the bleach causes my hair dry out so easily and when my roots are due, my ends have a tendency to go yellow. A great set of styling products is a necessity when having Ombre hair and you should always look for products that are moisturising and can add shine. My favourite products have to be from TIGI. As professional hairstylists, the team at TIGI know exactly what is needed for dull, drying coloured hair. Over the years I have sworn by Bedhead, Tigi Catwalk and S Factor products on a personal level but also as a hairstylist. They have an extensive range suitable for all hair types and conditions and these three products mentioned here are perfect for those trying to keep up with the ombre trend this summer.

Heat is one of the main things you should avoid when having bleached hair, but living without styling tools can be rather difficult. A good heat defence like this BedHead Dumb Blonde Toning Protection spray* will help smooth your hair, add moisture to your split ends and protect you against any further heat damage. I love the Dumb Blonde Toning Protection spray because it has all the qualities of most good heat protection sprays whilst also being able to tone down yellowing highlights.

Heat and colour damage can also make your hair frizzy. This one of the problems I face on a daily basis. To ensure my locks have a smooth finish I use this S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture serum*. The S Factor Silky Smooth serum uses a conditioning blend of products to help repair damage on the hair surface and help fight frizz and tame fly-aways. 

Finally my favourite, must have product if you have ombre hair is this Tigi Catwalk Violet Fashionista hair mask. Not only does this product moisturize your hair and give it plenty of shine, it also has violet toners, pearl extract and rice milk, all of which can help defend against damage and prevent your hair developing a yellow tone once leaving the hairdressers. I use this mask once a week and my hair feels in a better condition than it has done in years.

Are you a fan of Tigi haircare?


  1. Great post. I really want to try the mask and serum now. My hair is so dry atm from over dying it. M xx

  2. Power boost increases the airflow from the dryer and it has a removable lint filter that allows you to clean the unit...and that will make it last longer. This is definitely a hair dryer you can use for years to come.


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