Holiday Planning with Marco Polo Guidebooks

Planning a holiday can be enjoyable but sometimes a little bit daunting. Firstly you have to pick where you would like to visit, then the types of activities you would like to do and that's not including choosing accommodation and arranging flights. Arranging a holiday can be stressful when stress usually is the one thing that you are trying to escape from. But fear not, thanks to Marco Polo*, your holiday planning will be stress free and exciting.

Marco Polo gift guides are a new selection of high quality, travel sized, colourful travel guides with insider tips on places all over the world. The books feature everything from where to eat, places to stay, things to visit, unusual experiences and even hidden gem recommendations from other travellers and locals. The books cost a mere £6.99 each and include a street atlas, a separate pull-out map for easy navigation and they also feature a section in the book of cultural traditions ensuring you stay out of trouble and in the know during your visit.

At the beginning of the year my husband and I made a pact to do more travelling in 2015 even if we had very little budget and had to start small. Unfortunately life got in the way over the past few months and our travelling dreams, however tiny had to be postponed. Things have now picked up and my husband and I are desperate to plan a few mini trips. To help us figure out where to go and give us a sense of direction the team over at Marco Polo sent me a few guide books. These guides have been very useful when writing our itineraries and thinking of places to visit. We have already booked a mini break in Dublin for September and will be booking a trip to Amsterdam for October and plan on potentially going to Paris in February so we will be making use of all the street maps and hints and tips when we go. I always believe in carrying around a map and guidebook because you never know when your phone battery will die and they can be so handy in an emergency. With their compact size and small price tag, these books are definitely an item that belongs in your carry on.

Do you have any holidays planned?



  1. What a great idea - may have to purchase one of these books!
    I literally booked a holiday yesterday to Greece and we are going on Friday! So last min with no preparation at all! Just having a look now at the different books they have on offer - hopefully mine will come in time!

    Laura / xx

    1. Hi Laura, our website orders normally take 5-7 working days but if you do place an order, let me know by email ( and I will get your order fast-tracked! Have a fantastic time in Greece! :)

      Hayley @ Marco Polo

  2. Wow I love little guide books like this! I'm off to Rome in August, and although I've been before I might get one of these to help with ideas! x

    Stephanie |

    1. I'd really recommend them - they will definitely have one for Rome! :)


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