Fifi Lapin for Iconemesis

Fifi Lapin has been a blog I have followed for years due to the genius way the illustrator combines two of my favourite things - rabbits and fashion. Fifi Lapin has a wardrobe that most human beings would envy. From Zac Posen to Marc Jacobs, this bunny definitely knows her fashion and her stylish attitude and cute looks have made one of the most popular rabbits in the fashion world. Fifi Lapin started her life humbly as a blogger, but due to her success she has now launched all types of memorabilia, two of which can be seen here - this beautiful childs doll from Mama's and Papa's and this Fifi Lapin iPhone case. 

This Fifi Lapin iPhone case came from Iconemesis*, the phone case specialists that work with upcoming and independent designers for their collections. The Fifi Lapin range has over 15 fun designs, featuring the bunny in an array of outfits and is perfect for those who love fashion or someone looking for a very special gift. This case is sturdy with a matte finish and fits my phone perfectly. I cannot stop looking at how pretty and feminine it is and I'm in love with Fifi's little outfit. At £15 these cases are highly affordable and would be an asset to any iPhone user or Fifi Lapin fan.

Are you a fan of Fifi Lapin?


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