Stylish on The Go Charging: The Mighty Purse

There's nothing worse than heading for a night out and realising that you haven't charged your phone. It is something we all do from time to time and trying to fit a charger in your bag or even trying find a plug in a busy bar can often be troublesome. I really dislike leaving the house without my phone as you never know what can happen. My phone is my safety net, especially on a night out when I'm surrounded by drunk people that don't have a clue what they are doing. I've always wanted something that would allow me to charge my phone on the go, but look a little bit more stylish than some of the portable chargers that you can buy. When I saw this Mighty Purse more than half price on the Achica* website, I knew I had to buy it.

The Mighty Purse is a small, stylish purse with a hidden phone charger and battery concealed in the centre pocket. All those nights of forgetting to charge you phone can be long gone, all you need is to make sure you grab this purse before you leave and then you can discreetly charge your phone throughout the night. The Mighty Purse is spacious - it can easily fit an iPhone 6 and it also comes with card holders and additional space for you to keep the odd bits of makeup if you're in need of a touch up on the go. The purse is just the right size to fit into a medium clutch bag if you are needing more space.

The Mighty Purse comes with two cables - one which is a USB port and another which comes with two adaptors for different types of iPhones. One of the downsides about this product is that if you have an android phone, you will need to purchase separate adapters and at £80 for the purse alone, it can be quite an expensive investment.

When it came to charging my phone, the Mighty Purse did it's job. It charged my phone relatively easily and I was able to go about my day knowing that I had a full phone and could contact my friends or husband whenever I needed. My only issue was that the adapter seemed quite loose so I had to fiddle around with my phone to ensure it was constantly charging. This may be a fault with my particular Mighty Purse and not with the others, but it did become quite annoying. 

Overall if you do have enough money to spend on a Mighty Purse and you're looking for a new purse as well as a charger, I would recommend it. But if you don't quite have £80 to spare on a glorified phone charger, there are plenty of affordable alternatives out there. I do love my Mighty Purse, but probably not £80 worth of love.

Have you tried the Mighty Purse before?



  1. I do like the idea of a purse with a built in charger but at £80 it is quite pricey, If I had an iPhone would probably get it if I wanted a functional "treat" for myself as I can definitely see this coming in handy. At the moment I carry around a spare battery and a portable charger (which often gets "lost" at the bottom of my bag) but since I have an Android phone I can't see myself paying even more for the adapters. It would make quite a good Christmas/Birthday gift for those of us always attached to their phones. x

  2. Quite pricey considering ive just paid £9.99 for an external battery but I do love the idea x

  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE this idea! Whenever I am traveling I always worry about my phone loosing charge so I usually bring a charger and an external charger as a backup (taking precautions haha). My external charger is not the pretties of things and having it all concealing in a cute purse is just fabulous. At the moment I couldn't justify the £80 but none-the-less it is a fabulous product!

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


  4. This is an awesome concept! :D

  5. This is very expensive for a charger but if you are constantly on the go it could be a good investment. I like anker chargers and find them small enough for my bag.

    Great post lovely and fab idea XX

  6. It looks cute and sounds amazing, but I don't think I would get it for myself x

    Pink Frenzy

  7. What a great idea! I'd definitely be interested in on if it was a bit cheaper! xx

  8. I think this is a fab idea, it's just a shame about the price! External chargers are super cheap these days and easily fit in small handbags so I wouldn't pay £80 for a purse to do the same job. It's a lovely product though.

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  9. What a brilliant idea!!! I have an Android phone and I'm not up for spending that much and then needing to buy adaptors... but it's such a great idea, I hope similar things start to become available :)

    Jess xo


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