Spring Skincare Essentials

British weather is always a nightmare to predict and even in the Spring time when the weather is supposed to be slightly warmer and sunny, it doesn't always go to plan. Changes in weather can play havoc with your skin especially if you suffer from any type of sensitivity, therefore a well thought of skin care regime is a must at any time of year.

Since I turned 24 I have been thinking about my skincare regime and the effects of ageing and the weather more than ever before. I'm pretty lucky when it comes to my skin. I've never had acne or suffered from spots and my skin falls mainly under the 'normal' category when it comes to skincare. The only issues I have ever had is weather related dryness and bags under my eyes from medication. The fact that I have been lucky all my life when it comes to my skin has made me question whether my skin will always be in good shape and what can I do to ensure it remains the best it can be. Here's a few of my tried and tested skin care products for ensuring you have fabulous skin through spring.

The Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Pen is one of my favourite skincare devices at the moment. The anti-ageing pen has six lights and it perfect for closely targeting small, harder to reach areas around the eyes, nose and mouth where wrinkles can be the most noticeable. Although many would say I'm too young to be starting any type of anti-ageing treatments, I truly believe that prevention is better than the cure and as long as the treatments I am using aren't harmful in the long run, there's nothing to lose. I have been using my Love My Skin pen for one minute twice a day - once in the morning and just before bed and my skin already looks fresh and more toned. Compared to other gadgets on the market, but this anti-ageing pen is easy to use and rather affordable.

My second favourite skin care items are the Clarins Hydraquench moisturiser and the Clinique All about the Eyes. I have been using both these lotions for more years than I can remember and they are the only skincare items that I repurchase without any hesitancy. My Clarins moisturisers is the best moisturiser I have ever used as it applies gently on the skin, leaves no excess product and my face is noticeably softer after use and not oily. The Clinique All about the Eyes is one product that I have really noticed reduce the visibility of my dark circles. The product is light and really leaves my eyes feeling refreshed after use.

The one item currently missing from my skincare regime is a good cleanser and the Love My Skin cleanser is an item I'm currently considering buying. I have tried the Clarisonic and really believed it did not live up to the hype and I have also tried another really expensive cleanser that was just as bad. The Love My Skin Facial Cleansing system is £29.99 and comes with two unique brushes designed for speed and convenience. The purple compact packaging is super cute and perfect for on the go and with such a low price tag, it really is worth a try.

Have you changed your skin care regime lately?



  1. It is great that you have been taking care of your skin! I absolutely love Clinique products.

  2. Great post, I love these products.. I’ve been wanting to try that Clinique all about the Eyes, I’ll have to get it soon!xx

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