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Are you one of those people that like to change your hair as soon as the season changes? If yes,  so am I. As soon as the summer comes around I'm always wanting to go blonde and when the winter starts to arrive I like to go back to brunette. A few days ago I had more blonde put into my hair to give it more of a 'summertime' look. My base hair colour is rather dark and although it suits me, it can make me look quite pale in the sunshine. 

It can be rather difficult keeping up with seasonal trends if you're picky about your hairstyle or if you have damaged hair from previous colours like mine. Here's a few simple tips to help those who are struggling for inspiration.

Try mid-length

If you're like me and constantly fear 'the chop', a mid length haircut is a great way of changing your style without going too drastic. Many celebrities have embraced the mid-way trend from Taylor Swift to Kim Kardashian. 

Go Ombre

There's a few people out there thinking that the 'ombre' trend was so last year, but fear not ombre lovers, it is back with avengence. Ombre hair is great for those who are looking for sun kissed locks but would like to remain dark. Dip dyed hair is one of my favourite trends and the style that suits me the most. There are so many different shades and colours to choose from and it can be as subtle or as crazy as you would like.

Experiment with longer hairstyles

Experimenting with long hair can take time and effort, but when you get a particular style right you will be the envy of all your friends. There are so many ways to style long hair from curls to platts, pony tails to beehives and best of all, you don't need to cut or colour your hair to do them.

What's your favourite hair trend?



  1. You have very nice hair! I have very curly, but i love straight! :)

  2. I recently went back to a shortish graduated bob. I didn't think it would suit me as I've put on a lot weight due to my depression lately (aaaargh) and I thought it would make my face look even fatter but weirdly it doesn't. I think letting your hair get to flat and unstructured can actually be detrimental even if it is long.
    I love your hair by the way, you're right it is very summery. Thank goodness the winter is (nearly) over!

  3. I love ombre, i've had mine for two years and it is so low maintenance. Saying that I have just dyed the blonde ombre bit green! Your hair looks beautiful, definite hair envy!

    Charlie x


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