Let His Shoes Do The Talking

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From a very young age women are often taught a lot about romance, drawing inspiration from the likes of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to rom-coms and chat amongst friends.  What we aren't taught is that people can act very differently to those relationships we see in romantic movies and we need to appreciate the smaller things our men do to make us happy, as much as we would like a bouquet of flowers every day or to be taken in a private helicopter like on 50 Shades of Grey.

My husband and I are very different when it comes to romance. Like most women, I like big displays of emotion whilst my husband prefers smaller gestures and the little things that we can do that contributes to the overall happiness of our relationship. Despite our differences, we both meet in the middle quite a lot and we have a fantastic relationship. I respect what he does for me and vice-versa. He knows that every now and then a bouquet of flowers makes me happy and I know that giving him a few hours to play on his PS4 and buying him a beer to drink on a weekend is the way forward.

Mens clothing brand Jacamo recently launched their new campaign called 'Let Your Shoes Do the Talking'. The idea surfaced after Jacamo polled a survey that revealed, the first thing women are drawn to visually on a man are his shoes. Their new Shoeduction campaign gives guides on how men can pick the right shoes, but also get off on the right foot when it comes to wooing their women. To celebrate the launch of their campaign, Jacamo asked my husband to surprise me with a date night in, giving him helpful suggestions to make the night a success. As my husband often struggles with the bigger displays of affection, I thought this would be a great opportunity to see how much he knows me.

The night started with a surprise bouquet of roses. My husband doesn't like buying me flowers that often because he wants to be able to buy me flowers on special moments instead and those flowers to mean something. The fact that he went out of his way to pick up these gorgeous roses made me quite emotional and he was in my good books from the start.

Following Jacamo's guide which states the key to a girls heart is food (well something along those lines), my husband cooked me a home cooked meal of braised tofu stir fry which is one of my favourite meals. With my husband being a meat eater and me being vegetarian, it's not often that we have joint meals and most nights we cook our own separate dishes. It was great that he took note of my favourite meal.  This meal was washed down by two bottles of prosecco kindly donated by Jacamo. Finally I went upstairs to get my laptop and I came downstairs to find my favourite magazine propped up and a box of chocolates (chocolates courtesy of Jacamo). The man did well.

If you're looking to impress a partner and have no idea how to get off on the right foot, here's a few of my simple suggestions.

  • Listen 

This might sound really straight forward, but take time to listen to your partner and gauge their interests. It will help you figure out imaginative ways to surprise them without getting it completely wrong and you'll both feel closer as a couple if you take the chance to talk more rather than watching TV (insert appropriate distraction here - we are all guilty of this at some point).

  • Small things count
Sometimes the smaller gestures can go a long way. Take time to tell them what you like about them, give them the chance to watch their favourite tv show for a change or surprise them with a handwritten note. Not everything has to be over the top.

  • Have a technology free night

These days technology is a distraction and sometimes we start playing with our phones without even realising. One of the most romantic nights my husband and I have had recently is where we put on some vinyls, drank a bottle of wine and stayed up until 2am just talking and laughing. We switched off our phones, the laptops and the television and spent quality time catching up on each others lives.

What has been the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?



  1. I like the idea of a a technology free night, just unsure how I would actually cope with it

  2. i love this post its really good- small things defiantly count!

  3. Me and Lee have a gadget free film once a week and it's great. We watch a film, have a few drinks and a few treats and it's just lovely! I've heard about this Jacamo thing before and I really think you have a great grasp on what they are trying to get across. xx

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