Getting Back into Exercise

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When it comes to exercise there are so many of us that have signed up to a gym membership, been two or three times trying to convince ourselves that we are gym fanatics and then suddenly lost our mojo. Three months into a twelve month contract and we're trying to justify why we're spending the money on the gym whilst sat in our loungewear eating ice-cream instead of exercising. Living a busy lifestyle, stress, lethargy and lack of motivation are all contributing factors as to why most people stop going to gym and these are some of the reasons I personally had to stop over the last few months. However, as of last month I'm back on track and enjoying getting back into exercise. It was difficult getting the motivation again, but I now have my own routine and feel happier and fitter than ever. With my simple tips you can put all those silly excuses behind you and get back into exercise just before the summer.

Plan out your week

My first piece of advice would be to schedule your time. I have my online calendar each week blocked out with my important activities and I can now schedule my gym time between them. Allowing yourself to build up a diary of events will help you establish which days and times would be best for exercise and those days where you think you would benefit from a more relaxing day.

Start off slowly and work your way up

When you first take out a gym membership or decide to take up an exercise regime it is tempting to go every night or push yourself as hard as you can. The reality is that you are more than likely to burn yourself out after a week or two and lose motivation because of the amount of stress you have put yourself through. Start going to the gym or exercising twice a week and work your way up until it fits perfectly in your schedule. Remember that smaller bursts of high impact exercise can sometimes be better than two hours of medium work. 

Get a fitness buddy

If you struggle for motivation, why not try get one of your friends or your partner involved in your new exercise regime? You can both set each other goals, have friendly competition and most importantly give each other the boost you need when you feel like you need to give up. My husband is a great motivator and often helps me at the gym. I probably wouldn't go half as much if it wasn't for him and I'm glad he pushes me.

Mix it up

Repetition can get boring very easily, so be prepared to mix your exercise regime up. Why not try swimming one day and gym another or look at some new exercise classes? Just keep in mind that you need a healthy mix of cardio and strength training to get the perfect beach body.

Try Outdoors

If you hate being confined to four walls and have very little budget for a gym membership, go outdoors. There's so many free exercises you can do outside from running in your local park, to go for a walk in the countryside. You can also use park stairs to do your step ups and lunges as you're walking to add variation. 

Have you fallen off the fitness bandwagon lately?


  1. I've found having a good playlist of music gets me exercising for longer. A bit of Florence + The Mahine and Sia is best for me.

  2. These are great tips. I am currently in the midst of getting in shape - and planning out my week is such a huge help.

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