Spring Shower Fashion

The thought of spring often conjures up images of fresh flowers, floral dresses and light, bright days. But when you live in the UK like me, you're bound to experience spring showers at some point in the season. Rain is always one of those things that takes us by surprise and no matter how hard we try, we can never be quite prepared for it. It always seems to rain just as I have left my house wearing a really nice outfit thinking I was in for a sunny day. Most of the time it has conned me into thinking the weather would be so nice that I will have forgotten my brolly. I can't count of my hands the amount of times I have arrived at work with my hair looking like I had just stepped out of the shower and my clothes soaked to the point they are nearly see through. British weather and I don't seem to get a long.

To help keep me prepared for any bad weather this spring, I have put together a small list of rainy day essentials. Items that every fashionista should have in their wardrobe just in case their day doesn't seem to go to plan in the weather department.

First on the list is a good pair of wellies. It's funny to think that once upon a time wellies were seen as rather unfashionable, but when Hunter came on the scene everything changed. Hunter wellies come in so many different colours and sizes that there is a pair for everyone and when it comes to protecting your feet against the wet weather, you can't get any better than these beauties made from 100% waterproof rubber with a 0.5 inch grip sole. 

Next on the list is a good trench coat.Trench coats enable us to stay warm and wrapped up whilst adding definition to our waist and enhancing our curves - perfect for someone looking for a confidence boost on a rainy day. The trench coat on my watch list at the moment is this Victor Trench Coat by Jovonna currently on sale at Topshop. I'd love to team it up with a nice pair of skinny jeans and those wellies.

Finally if you spend a lot of time walking in the rain like me you will need a good, sturdy brolly like this Original Duck Head umbrella from ASOS. The brolly is made from a nylon fabric with wind resistant metal frame and has the cutest little duck head handle. This brolly is perfect for those looking to stand out in the rainy weather.

What are your rainy day essentials?


  1. I live for my Hunters! I invested last year and I've used them so much- especially when it snowed!! They're also useful for when I'm doing the gardening :) I love the trench coat, but I have to admit I'm a Barbour girl at heart- their wax jackets are great for chilly, rainy days in Manchester :)

  2. I have these exact Hunter Wellies!! Haha! I wanted a cool pair for V Festival one year and I thought these would be funky but go with everything. I love them!


  3. You have it bang on...the weather tricks you into thinking it is going to be nice and then the heavens open. I love this trench, so classic and chic and am in desperate need of a new pair of wellies.
    Lianne x


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