My Visit to Titanic Spa

Over the last weeks my mind, body and soul have each taken a battering thanks to an array of illnesses and misfortunes. All I have wanted more than anything has been the chance to spend some time with my wonderful husband and forget about the world, even if it was just for a few hours. Last night my wishes were granted as I was given the chance to review the Twilight Experience at one of the UK's top spa destinations, Titanic Spa. Titanic Spa is the UK's first eco spa and is situated on the edge of the Pennines in West Yorkshire. The spa boasts a wide selection of treatments and facilities including the Heat and Ice experience, a beautiful mood-lit 15m salt regulated pool, an Egyptian Mud Chamber, hydrozone, steam and sauna rooms as well as a small gym.

The Twilight experience starts at £45pp and includes a welcome glass of bubbly, canapes from locally sourced ingredients and use of all the facilities between the hours of 6 and 9pm, which is great for those looking for a small evening retreat or a unique way to spend time with friends, family or partners. Upon entering the spa you are given a bathrobe and slippers to make you feel at home and a wristband for your locker where you can hide away your belongings for the duration of the treatment. 

James and I arrived promptly at 6pm for our spa visit and were given a tour by one of the lovely reception staff. As soon as we passed through the doors of Titanic Spa we both felt like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders, it's funny how the beautiful scents of the Neom candles and diffusers instantly relax you.

After getting into our swimming costumes and robes, we speedily made our way to the pool. As the spa facility has a residential area we expected the pool to be busy or at least a few people there, but to our surprise we had the entire pool to ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed it. The pool is shallow enough to relax and not have to worry about treading water for those that struggle swimming and it also has a jacuzzi right next to the stairs. As 'Twilight' hits Titanic Spa, mood lighting appears around the pool alternating the settings from tranquil blues to sparkling green tones.

After spending just over an hour enjoying the pool and poolside saunas, James and I headed to the star attraction at Titanic Spa, the 'Heat and Ice Experience'. According to the website, the heat and ice experience is 'based on the ritual of bathing where the body is heated and then cooled by a series of experiences.' These experiences are said to detox, cleanse and stimulate the mind and body. The heat experience includes: A Crystal Steam Room also known as Turkish or Roman bath. This particular experience is said to be good for the respiratory system and with the help of essential oils can aid relaxation. A Herbal Infusion Room which provides the warmth of traditional steam bath whilst using natural herbs and essential oils to aid breathing and detox the spirit. An Aromatherapy Room based on a 2000 year old Roman tradition. This is built similarly to a sauna but encompasses 'aromatic vapours' to cleanse away stress. A Saunarium which is a timber cabin similar to a sauna yet again but at a milder temperature. A sauna and to finish a trio of foot baths which offer a relaxing massage to soothe aching feet. 

The Crystal Steam Room and Herbal Infusion Rooms were both my favourite from the heat experience. Both rooms had such a wonderful scent from all the essential oils and were at the perfect temperature where you could easily relax. The sauna was a little bit too hot for me, but I've never been able to handle the heat that well.

The cooling experiences includes: An Ice Room where you are able to apply fresh crushed ice to the body to help cool you down after one of the heat experiences, a plunge pool which gives you an instant refresh and experience showers that not only cools down the body, but gives you the illusion of showering in soft tropical rain. My favourite of these had to be the ice room. It's not everyday that I find crushed ice applied to my body relaxing, but straight after the heat experiences, the ice room is a great way to cool down and refresh the body. It's like an instant pick me up and feels fantastic.

Our final stop for the evening was the 'Relaxation Lounge' which was a large, spacious room consisting of bean bags and loungers with ambient music playing in the background and an array of books on the shelf which you are encouraged to read at your own leisure. After a long, hard day I sank into the beanbags and could have easily drifted off to sleep. The room is perfect for winding down after a spa day and preparing for probably one of the best nights sleep you will have. It was the perfect end, to the best three hours I have had in a long time.

Have you been to Titanic Spa before?



  1. i've never been here but it sounds so lovely!

  2. This looks so relaxing, I'd love to have a pamper day here.

    Laura from xxx

  3. I am insanely jealous, I feel the need for a pamper week never mind day ;) x

  4. Wow this looks amazing! I hope you're on the mend now lovely xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  5. Looks fab! Something I need at the moment! x

    Pink Frenzy

  6. This sounds like a lovely treat and it's great that they offer it in the evenings! :)

    Jess xo

  7. I want to go here, actually I need to go here! It looks and sounds beautiful xxx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  8. This sounds amazing, I really want to visit here - and I can't imagine my other half will take much persuading! :)

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