Simon & Tom Soft Peeling Gel

The start of January is always a busy period - going back to work or university, starting on those new year resolutions and also catching up on everything that was missed over Christmas. My start to the new year has been busier than ever and unfortunately I'm a little bit behind on my blogging, which is already one new years resolution already broken.

Just before Christmas I was sent this Simon and Tom's Soft Peeling Gel to review and although at first I was determined to fit it in my Christmas gift guides, I thought this would be a perfect product for my first review of 2015. January is a prime time for reviewing our skin care regimes and after the Christmas period of eating and drinking too much, our skin tends to not be at its best.

Simon and Tom are a Spanish based cosmetic company founded in 2005 that specialise in cosmetic formulas based purely from its own production of 100% pure Argan Oil which was originally derived from Morocco and used for many generations.

This Simon and Tom's Soft Peeling Gel promises to clean deep into the layers of skin removing dirt that gets trapped everyday and is perfect for restoring moisture and skin cell renewal, giving you a fresh youthful glow and a firmer skin appearance.

The product is a really soft clear gel that when applied gently onto wet skin feels smooth and  smells beautiful fragrant. I massaged the product into my skin for two minutes as per the instructions and was shocked by the softness, tautness and clarity of my skin after just one use. Another thing that impressed me with this product was that a little goes a very long way and although I haven't used this product that much as of late, I can see when I settle into my new year skin routine that this will last me quite some time.

I'm often someone that is very hard to impress when it comes to skincare and this is one of the best products I have tried in a long time. Despite the product originating in Spain, it is really easy to get purchase online if you live in the UK and I would recommend trying it for yourself.

Have you tried any Simon & Tom products?


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  1. Ooh now this sounds really interesting. I'm a sucker for skincare!

    Anoushka xx


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