Accessorising at Christmas

Christmas is an important time when it comes to fashion. There are parties every other week, often family that you haven't seen in years and just as Christmas is over, you have to start planning your outfit for New Years Eve. If you're planning on buying a new outfit for every occasion it become quite expensive and for most people, buying a new dress every week isn't an option. Investing in statement jewellery can really transform your outfits and give a old little black dress that you have become tired of wearing a new lease of life. These three necklaces from JD Williams are just a handful of new statement necklaces that have made their way into my jewellery box and this Christmas I intend on wearing each one of them to various festive occasions.

This first White Statement necklace sparkles in the light with its beautiful diamante and faux pearl detailing and is perfect for those seeking a necklace that will make them feel glitzy and glamorous at their Christmas parties. The necklace feels well made and sits perfectly above the chest line dangling from a dainty silver chain. Teamed up with a little black shift dress, this necklace would be perfect for an Audrey Hepburn 'Breakfast at Tiffany' style outfit with a modern twist.

My next favourite necklace is the gorgeous cranberry coloured teardrop effect necklace with a simple, yet beautiful gold chain. This necklace is great for those in a festive mood and for those looking to add a bit of colour to their outfits. This necklace would look great on a lighter coloured dress and will add a pop of colour to the shoulders and neckline.

Finally, if you're looking for something a little bit quirky with a vintage twist, this Pineapple necklace is for you. I love the contrasting colours of the gold and pewter with the adjustable hanging pineapple sparkles embedded with the cutest diamantes. This necklace makes me think of the 1980s with their love of fruit machines and fruit detailed clothing. The added spikes give it a modern edgy look and make this a real statement piece for your Christmas outfits. 

Have you bought any Christmas jewellery lately?



  1. These are really pretty. I have some very similar but they are more summery. Lovely xx

    Anoushka xx

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