Winter with Emu Australia

If you asked me a few years ago whether I would ever consider owning a pair of sheepskin boots, I would have said no. Sheepskin boots are often associated with love/hate relationships, half of the public love them and the rest despise them. I used to think boots like this made everyone look like they were walking around in slippers and as a former every heel wearer myself, I found them very far from my usual sophisticated footwear style.

Since suffering from arthritis in my feet and not being able to wear six inch heels everyday, comfort took over my wardrobe and when Emu Australia* approached me to write a review of their sheepskin boots in celebration of their 20 year anniversary, I decided to give them a try.

Emu Australia was founded in 1994 and started as an Australian lifestyle brand producing footwear and accessorises. In the early 2000s as sheepskin boots rose to popularity, EMU launched their very own success sheepskin boot range and from then onwards became one of the worlds most loved sheepskin boot retailers.

Emu Australia, who turned 20 in October have revamped their entire sheepskin originals to celebrate the occasion. The newly revamped boots include a 30% lighter outsole, water resistant material and a more flexible fit for those that have previously found their sheepskin boots to be saggy and loose.

Not only have Emu Australia revamped their classic range, they have also launched their iconic Stinger Lo Boot in 20 new different colours.

I opted for the classic Valerie Lo sheepskin booties and as someone who said they would never wear sheepskin boots in the past, I barely stopped wearing them since they arrived on my doorstep. The thick fur lining ensures my feet are all cosy and warm in the winter weather and the chestnut colour gives the boot versatility within my wardrobe. When you have aching joints in your feet, comfort is one thing that you long for on a day to day basis and these are optimum comfort for the winter weather.


  1. I always said I would never go near anything like this as well and two pairs of UGGs later I'm glad I changed my mind! Love how comfy this type of boot is!

  2. I've never owned a pair of sheepskin boots... Although that isn't to say I wouldn't love to! I'm all for comfort and always have been but have recently bought a pair of (real) leather boots with heels! (I emphasis the real leather bit because I normally buy shoes for a tenner that last me a few months...)

  3. Love a pair of cosy boots... great post!

  4. They look amazing! I always wanted to have boots like this. Maybe this year I will finally get a pair.

  5. I've never had a pair of sheepskin boots but they look so cosy and snug!


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