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It's not like me to go a few weeks without doing a post on here - in fact I've managed to blog for over three and a half years with never more than a week off.  However, I have been so busy lately that a break from my blog was very much needed and to be fair, I probably have one of the best excuses not to blog, I got married last week and today I returned from my honeymoon.

Despite the heavy rain and the repetitiveness of lifting my skirt up every time I went outside, I had the most perfect wedding. I was told before the big day that it would go so fast and I didn't quite believe it until the very next morning when my husband and I were laying in bed and we could barely remember a moment of our big day. It was one big blur of excitement, emotion and a lot of alcohol and it was the best day in my entire life.

 There's nothing that beats the thrill of walking down the aisle to your husband/wife/partner to be and finally embarking on a new journey together as life long partners. It was wonderful and without getting too soppy, I love my husband so much for making the day so special. Official wedding photographs will be published soon, so if you want to see more of my big day make sure you check back.

Once the wedding was over, I had three days to pack and then we flew out to our favourite place, Ibiza. Yet again, we both had the most amazing time snorkelling, visiting new islands, taking random boat trips and enjoying the Ibiza water sports such as being strapped to the back of a speedboat on giant inflatables. We dined at some of the best restaurants on the Island, watched the famous Ibiza sunset and even watched one of our favourite bands at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

Now here I am back on my trusty laptop embarking on a new journey as Forever 'Mrs' Vanity (I won't be changing the name though) and trying to discover what's next after so many big occasions. There are so many blog posts I can't wait to write and so many opportunities lined up that the future seems so exciting. The most important thing however is that I now have a husband, a fabulous job, the opportunity to write for all you lovely people and right now i'm the happiest I have ever been. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting things on the blog these next few weeks.

Have you done anything exciting lately?


  1. These pictures are gorgeous, you look amazing! Also very jealous, have never been to Ibiza but would love to go!

  2. Congratulations! The photos are beautiful, and you deserved some time off! haha
    I love you wedding dress. <3 I've never been to Ibiza, but I've been to Majorca a few times. :)


    ERFmama |

  3. Oh my gosh....congratulations!!!! I am so so happy for you. Cannot get over how stunning you looked on your big day.

  4. Congratulations, you look stunning, your dress is gorgeous and your husband looks very dapper! Can't wait to see the official photos xxxx

  5. Congratulations you look beautiful xxx

  6. A big break for good reason. So happy for you, congratulations. I hope you had a lovely honey moon too x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  7. Congratulations. You two look gorgeous. All the best on the new adventure.

  8. Congratulations lovely! You look so beautiful! xo

  9. You look absolutely beautiful! Your dress is stunning :) Danielle xx

  10. Congratulations! It looked like a lovely day!


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