These Shoes are Made for Walking

They say you're either a handbag girl or a shoe girl and although I often say I'm both, I know the leaning further towards the stilettos everyday. Shoes are my weakness. As someone who is 5ft2 and soon to be marrying a man of 6ft3, I see buying high heels as both a luxury and a necessity. Heels make me feel sexy, confident, taller and slimmer and I can also kiss my man without straining my neck - what more can a girl ask for. 

My most recent shoe purchase was these lovely court shoes from Office (link). Office tends to be a little hit and miss for me at times and I usually very loyal to my Kurt Geiger's, however whilst shopping for a pair of wedding shoes these £65 beauties caught my attention. These red patent heels from Office are the perfect height for my wedding day and feel really comfy to wear. They look simple, yet glamorous and they are perfect for all types of occasions. 

Whilst shopping for wedding shoes, I only had one thing in mind and that was I want my wedding shoes to be a pair of heels I can wear for many years after my wedding and get a lot of use out of. I'm not the type of girl that would settle for a pair of white lace bridal shoes. They are far too boring for my highly creative, bold and cheerful personality. I really wanted a splash of colour of my wedding day and something that would surprise people. My wedding dress is really long so these shoes won't be on show that much, but if I did fell like being cheeky and hitching up my skirt, at least I will have a glamorous pair of stilettos to show for it. Red has always been one of my favourite colours and these heels are just perfect in every way. 

What would be your dream wedding shoes?



  1. I love the colour of these but I'm not so sure I could pull them off! I'm getting married soon too and it took me ages to find my shoes. Although I've just gone for traditional white ones, I think yours will look fab - you'll definitely have to get a photo of you pulling your skirt up and flashing them!

  2. I love these shoes, the colour is gorgeous! I'm 5ft2 as well so I completely understand how a great pair of heels can totally transform the way you feel!x

  3. These are absolutely beautiful, I love the colour and the glossy look of them. I think you will look amazing.


  4. OMG the perfect red heels! Totally sexy but classy too!

  5. I love that heels make you feel confident and glamorous. That is always a good thing! This is a seriously gorgeous pair.

  6. Stunning :) I love the idea of bright shoes instead of dull bridal shoes! x

  7. I love them! Every girl needs a pair of red stilettos!


  8. Completely agree with Office being hit or miss, I always head straight to Kurt Geiger too but these are lovely and so unique for a wedding! Great idea xx

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