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At almost exactly this time yesterday, I was sipping alcohol and beginning my hen party celebrations. Fast forward 24 hours and I'm sat in bed with the worlds worst hangover pitying myself and attempting to string a few words together on the blog.  Although I drank far more than I probably should have done, I had the best hen party a girl could wish for and most importantly I was surrounded by 10 of the most amazing friends that I could ever wish for. 

My hen party started with a fun filled dance session at the studio where I attend my weekly pole dancing lessons - Princess Pole Dancing in Huddersfield (link). My wonderful instructor put together a dance routine for us all to have a go at and we was able to have a sneaky drink and take a few fun  photographs. It was great sharing one of my biggest passions with my friends - many of them who have never tried pole fitness before. I probably chose one of the most sexualised songs you could dance to, but the class proved that pole dancing isn't just about stripping and it can be a whole lot of fun. Thanks go to my instructor Sarah for giving me a night to remember and ensuring that I laughed solidly throughout the evening - my jaw hurts today from all the giggling. 

Before attending my hen party, I spent hours getting ready and attempting to ensure I looked my best. After all, the attention was all on me for the evening and I'm not going to lie, I loved every minute of it. I chose my pink and white polka dot dress from Didi's Boutique for my hen party, but I was worried about getting my pale legs on show, especially when I was going dancing. I don't wear fake tan that often as I'm usually useless at applying it or I end up orange. I was sent this lovely tube of Urban Tan (link*) to review a few weeks ago, but I had been putting off trying it as I wanted to use it for a special occasion, even though using a new fake tan is risky when you need to look your best. Yesterday I plucked up the coverage and applied it all over my body. Like most tans, this bottle has a helpful tan colour guide to ensure you cover every part of your body, but it is slow developing and you won't see the results until a few hours later. I was terrified whilst waiting for the tan to develop, all I could think about was 'don't turn orange - I can't be orange on my hen night'. 

The fake tan gradually developed throughout the whole evening and to my relief left me with the most beautiful, even, natural glow. I was shocked to see a fake tan that blended so well and looked like I had spent hours in the sun rather than used tan from a bottle. Even my friends commented on how lovely my tan looked. The light/medium tan looked perfect on my body and gave me the glow I was looking for. Urban Tan retails at £18.99 and comes in two different shades light/medium and dark. The best things about Urban Tan is that it is Gluten Free, Paraben free and is 100% vegan, perfect for those who try to stay animal friendly. The tan is enriched with Anti-Ageing CoEnzyme Q10 and includes caffeine to firm the skin and help tone cellulite, great for those looking for a bronzed holiday body. I've never rated a fake tan as highly as I do Urban Tan, I'm beyond shocked by natural look of my tan and the way it has brightened my complexion. This product will definitely be packed in my suitcase when I go to Ibiza on honeymoon next month.

Have you tried Urban Tan before?


  1. I have never tried Urban Tan before but it sounds lovely...I am a sucker for a good gradual / instant tanner :)

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  2. I haven't heard of this one before, but I will keep a look out for it.

  3. Thanks you for your fabulous review. You can buy Urban Tan products here: www.urban-tan.com


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