Summer Jewellery Wish list

Since I bought my new dress on Saturday I can't stop looking at clothing and accessorises in the colour pink. My new dress is fun, pretty and feminine, all words that sum up my personality perfectly, but what is lacking is that little bit of glamour. My new dress needs some new accessorises to really sparkle it up and take it from a day to day dress to party mode. I love jewellery. I love jewellery so much that I have several draws of jewellery and I still can't stop buying it. In my opinion jewellery can be really symbolic and help define a persons personality. From those who like items simple, yet elegant to those who are loud and go for statement pieces. More so than other items you can wear, jewellery can often have sentimental value and mean a lot to the wearer. The item could have been bought for a special occasion, passed down through the family or represent a certain time in someones life. 

The majority of the jewellery I own has been passed down through my family and I have yet to really develop my own jewellery style. I do buy little pieces every now and then, but there's never much thought in my purchases. I want to develop my own style and be recognised for having that jewellery style. One of my friends is known for wearing a lot of vintage style jewellery that are often bought in charity shops and have an eclectic look, whilst another one of my friends loves her diamonds. I'm a mix between the two. I love my sparkles and my diamonds, but I also love items that are simple or those that tell a story. Today I decided to mix sparkles, rose gold and pink to bring you my summer jewellery wish list.

The first item on my wish list is the beautiful Bosworth necklace from one of my favourite online jewellery stores Bijoux Bazaar (link). This necklace is elegant yet striking and the gold, clear stone s and pink detailing compliment each other so well.

Next on my wish list are these knot earrings and the Michael Kors bracelet. These products are from a website called that specialises in designer jewellery, diamonds and watches (link). I came across this site a few weeks back when searching for Michael Kors jewellery and fell in love with all the items. Those who regularly read my blog know that I'm a massive Michael Kors fan and I would love this bracelet to add to my ever growing MK collection.

Finally the ring is from a website called Gemporia that sells the most luxurious looking jewellery for a highly affordable price. This ring may look like it is worth thousands of pounds, but you can pick it up for a mere £33 from Gemporia (link). There are cocktail rings in a variety of shapes and colours available on the Gemporia website and every gem has been selected from qualified 'Gemmologoists' so that you only get the best cut.

Are you planning on buying any summer jewellery?



  1. These pieces would look adorable with your Didi's boutique dress! My style has kinda of just come from what my boyfriend's bought me!
    Another four items to add to my wishlist :')
    Love Lucinda xx

  2. that ring is so beautiful! the colour is stunning! xx

  3. Absolutely love all of these pieces! Love the necklace in particular though! Lovely post!

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