A Little bit of Luxury

We all have one of those days where we feel like we deserve a 'treat'. Admittedly, that day comes far too often for me. Every single day I will pick something up and say to my partner: "Oh look honey, I treated myself." It has become somewhat of a joke between us both now, he looks at me with those disapproving eyes and then suddenly burst out laughing, he knows I have very little control when it comes to shopping.

Although I do shop a lot, I'm very careful with my money. I have never been in debt and have always repaid my credit cards. I admit that I have probably had life a little bit easy as I have always managed to find odd little jobs to fund my lifestyle and I have never been out of pocket. I'm self reliant and do not borrow money from my parents. When I treat myself to something as a big as this Michael Kors bag, I know that I have earned it through hard work and I never underestimate its personal value.

Early this week I received my first official work pay cheque and headed straight to Harvey Nichols. It has been awhile since I have had such a considerable amount in my bank account that hasn't belong to the student loans company. I have been lusting over this tricolour Michael Kors handbag for the last few months and knew that this handbag and I were destined to be together. At £315 this little bag doesn't come cheap, but words cannot describe the immaculate handbag lining, the soft leather finishings and that sturdy, quality feel. It may be a fair amount of money, but you can tell this handbag is made to last.

My second little weekly 'treat' was this green clover Pandora charm. Two Christmases ago my partner bought me the most beautiful Pandora bracelet with many different charms all representing my personality - this was one of them. Unfortunately a year later it was stolen whilst I was visiting London. I bought a new bracelet last year and have spent the last few months trying to rebuild it. I repurchased this little clover last week as I've started having a lot of good luck recently and the green clover reminds me of my partner who is Irish.

Finally, I received this luxurious scarf in the post the other day from Diffusion (link*). I have always loved scarves and they remind me of my auntie who always used to wear them. The horse pattern on this scarf is like a piece of artwork - every section of it tells a story. I love to wear this scarf with a vintage style dress or sometimes I wrap it around the stop of my handbag to add a little bit more style. The scarf is highly versatile and really grabs attention, it's probably one of the most beautiful scarves I have ever seen.

Have you been shopping recently?


  1. Michael Kors is ALWAYS a good investment! So pretty :P
    Sad to hear about your pandora bracelet being stolen but sounds like your well on your way to building it back up again :)
    And treating yourself everyday? You deserve it girly ;) especially with your first pay check!

    Love Lucinda xx

  2. I want one of those charms. It's beautiful! its good to spoil ourselves occasionally

  3. I have always wanted a Pandora ....well anything really!

  4. I love the clover charm, so pretty! Sorry to hear your first bracelet was stolen :(

    Jess xo


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