Festival Makeup

Festival Makeup

Finding the perfect makeup to wear at a festival can be a little bit of a nightmare. Most festivals involve you being stood in a muddy field and have a high prospect of the rain. The chances of you leaving the house looking glamorous and returning in the same state is either slim or none. Over the weekend at Parklife, I have seen some pretty terrible makeup and fashion disasters...

1) Why would you wear fake tan to a festival when rain is predicted?

A lot of people I saw were dripping orange and the colour of mud against their skin looked more like their natural skin colour. So many girls were walking around with smear marks all over their body and in the end, what was supposed to be a highly glamorous look made them appear more grim than glam. If you are feeling too pale, make sure you do your fake tan a few days before so you can allow it to settle correctly or check the weather and avoid it if it is raining. Better to look classy and pale, than orange and humiliated.

2) Don't cake on your makeup.

Yep, a lot of girls looked like they were destined to appear in a horror movie rather than a beauty pageant. It was raining too much that fake eyelashes were losing their grip, heavy smeared eyes were turning into panda eyes and their whole face looked like it was to be peeling off in the damp weather. Apply makeup lightly so the rain has less to smudge off. You can always reapply little bits later on in the day. Also, try using waterproof makeup. I doubt I could live without my L'oreal Waterproof Gel Eyeliner.

3) Please wear appropriate shoes.

I honestly felt so sorry for girls wearing converse and trainers when their feet was sinking an inch into the ground in mood. With stylish wellies such as Hunters and lots of amazing looking riding boots on the market, there's no excuse really. My old cheap riding boots from New Look did the trick over the weekend and left my feet dry, toasty and mud free on the inside.

Festival Makeup

When I go to festivals, I always opt for the minimal yet striking makeup look. I like to look vintage and a little bit rock'n'roll so it's cat flick eyeliner and red lips all the way for me. To create this look I used my Illamasqua Skinbase foundation that did not shift all day, my L'oreal waterproof gel eyeliner that did not need applying again all day and a red lipstick by the brand Astor which only needed applying once and only cost £1.50. To complete the look I used one of my favourite bronzers by Glo Minerals. This added a bit of warmth to my face and gave me a festival ready glow.

What makeup do you wear to festivals?


  1. I want to try skinbase SO badly! My color is always out of stock :(


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