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Recently I have been a little bit obsessed with buying oversized necklaces. There are so many beautiful pieces on the high street lately that it is impossible not to cave into purchasing the sparkling gems. I never used to be necklace girl. I would always wear bracelets and earrings and hated the thought of items being round my neck. I often found myself wearing necklaces that looked boring and in the end, it was pointless wearing them. A few months ago I went to a Manchester blogger event and realised that my outfit needed something to give it a bit of personality - my blouse looked incredibly plain. I went into H&M and fell in love with an elaborate turquoise jewelled necklace and it blended with my outfit effortlessly, adding a little bit of sparkle and bringing the overall appearance from dull and dowdy, to rather elegant and sophisticated. As soon as I settled in at the event, I was given many compliments in regards to my new set of jewels and  I suddenly realised that I should invest in more statement necklace.

If you search on Twitter you can find many independent retailers selling bespoke jewellery pieces and with statement jewellery currently being in the fashion limelight, many of them are at incredibly competitive prices compared to the high street. From an hour of browsing Twitter, I was introduced the brand Lola Joseph. Lola Joseph is a brand dedicated to unique jewellery and fashion accessorises that according to the website "convey a sense of effortless, yet bold style." The necklace shown above is from their statement necklace range and exhibits lots of colour, sparkling jewels and some gorgeous faux pearls. I wore it for the first time this afternoon and I have already had two shop assistants asking where I bought it. This multi colour necklace (link*) is £17.99, which is bargain for such an elaborate, complex piece. 

My second latest obsession has to be buying rings. I've never been much of a ring girl and the only ring I wear permanently is my engagement ring. I don't know where my new addiction came from, but these days I love my fingers to be full of rings. I really like this anchor ring set as it reminds me of one of my other favourite hobbies sailing and I love everything nautical. This pirate style ring (link*) is at the bargain price of £2 - probably even cheaper than Primarni.

What do you think of my new jewels?



  1. That necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I've been loving statement necklaces recently, Zara have some amazing ones :)
    Frankie Boo Blog

  2. I love the ring, so pretty and unusual! :)

    Jess xo

  3. I'm such a fan of this big necklaces currently and I love yours! x

  4. These are so pretty, the ring isn't something I'd of usually gone for but I actually love it x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  5. Cute! As if the ring was only 2 pounds I'll have to get one :)

    Rachel xx

  6. I love that ring! I really don't have enough of them, so I need to start buying more I think :)

  7. Love how unique this necklace is!x

  8. Great pieces! I especially like the ring. Lovely blog. Just followed! :)


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