Soap & Glory Event

A few weeks ago (it seems like yesterday) I was invited to a Soap and Glory blogger event at a beautiful tea parlour in the heart of Manchester. In true Soap and Glory style, we arrived to a little cafe with vintage settings and pink frilly decorations. 

Upon arrival we were greeted by the Soap and Glory team, given the most scrumptious Macaroons and tea party delights and a few glasses of bubbly to whet our appetite about the new Soap and Glory releases.

I have been a Soap and Glory fan since first discovering their Righteous Butter body butter. It was a Christmas present from my mother in law and I remember applying it constantly for the first few weeks. Like many Soap and Glory fans, I was given their products as a Christmas present due to their extravagant and beautiful Christmas box sets and admittedly neglected them for a few months until it was the Christmas season again. In between the 12 months, there was only a few Soap and Glory purchases - one of which is my favourite body firming product, The Firminator.  This event taught me many things, but the one feeling I left with was that I need to incorporate more Soap and Glory products into my lifestyle. This was down to several reasons. A) I love their new range - anyone with a soft spot for anything citrusy will be in love. B) Their products are natural and created by one of the best skin care experts and C) I love anything that has incorporates retro themes and Soap and Glory definitely does that.

As previously mentioned, anyone who is passionate about citrus scents will love the new Soap and Glory range. The brand have brought out several new products: Orangeasm Super Tonics, Orangeasm Body Wash, Orangeasm Body Body butter and two new firming products called Sit Tight and Sit Tight Saddlebags. Like most Soap and Glory products, the names have a slight adult nature and are a little bit tongue in cheek, but this all adds to the fun of the S&G brand. My new favourite soap and Glory product is the Orangeasm Super Tonic. The scent is juicy, highly fragrant and lasts all day. I love the bright orange bottle which sits nicely with the bold fashion trends on the high street. Despite its relatively low price tag, the bottle looks quite expensive and resembles more high end scents such as those from Clarins or Clinique.

Before we left, all the bloggers devoured this wonderful Soap and Glory cake. It was pink, sweet and a little bit naughty - exactly like the brand it was representing. Thank you Soap and Glory for an amazing event.



  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time Jess :) I must get my hands on that Soap & Glory perfume! I love their products xo

  2. Sounds amazing!!! I wish I could get soap&glory here in the Netherlands! I bought their kick ass concealer on a trip to London and love it!

  3. those macaroons look delicious! I'm so excited for the new range of products!

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  4. Looks like such a fantastic event, food looks yummy!
    Megan x MeganRoisinn

  5. That sounds like an awesome event. I am so envious!!!! :)

  6. Looks like an amazing event, and I love the sound of the Orangeasm scent - I'll be looking out for that next time I'm in Boots!!

    Jess xo

  7. This looks like an awesome event, and how amazing does that cake look ahhhh.
    lisatakespictures xo

  8. Mm the new products sound great and the cakes look amazing! :)


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