Michael Kors, I Love You: MK5896


Before leaping into my exciting news about my new Michael Kors purchase, I must apologise for the lack of blog posts during the last few weeks. Just over a week ago, I was hit by the devastating news that a close family member was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The word cancer is often a difficult diagnosis to digest and as she was previously a healthy, happy go lucky woman it came as such a shock to members of our family. What came as an even bigger shock was that she sadly passed away only a week after finding out. Our family has been rocked by this tragic news and my thoughts and prayers are currently with my cousins, whom I love so much and cannot imagine what they are currently going through. My auntie was the reason behind my love for writing, as when I was a child she would babysit me and ask me to write her stories. She fuelled my imagination and kept my creativity alive. If it wasn't for her, my grandma and my parents keeping me passionate about writing, I very much doubt I would be as successful as I am today - on the final journey of my university degree, writing a blog I love more than life itself and being able to take my passion and make it into my future career. All this news came two days before my 23rd birthday and just under a year since I lost my other auntie. I also received the terrible news that I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a chronic, degenerative condition that has affected my hands, wrists, feet and knees. I doubt I could have had a harder week if I tried...oh wait, my dissertation is due this week too. Luckily I have been able to get an extension on my university and this weekend I was able to attempt to let my hair down and celebrate my birthday, after all both my aunties wouldn't have wanted to see me upset on my special day of the year.

If there is one thing that recent events have taught me, it is that life is too short. Hence, the reason why I grabbed my purse on my birthday and blew £230 on the beautiful MK5896 Michael Kors watch from their latest collection. Honestly, I am not that materialistic, I don't always resolve my problems whilst doing elaborate shopping. I have wanted a Michael Kors watch for the last two years. Nearly every day I would visit my local House of Fraser trying them on and trying to figure out what to buy. I'm not that wealthy, so £230 on a watch is a big deal for me. I don't have that money lying around to be spent. This weekend I eventually came to the conclusion that if I have wanted something for nearly two years, it is clearly a worthy investment and something that I will not regret. 

Michael Kors MK5896

The Michael Kors watch I eventually opted for is the MK5896 one of the latest additions to the Michael Kors range. The watch features a pastel pink, blush coloured accentuate bracelet and a rose gold stainless steel finish, which is a perfect accessory for incorporating this seasons pastel pink trends. I love this watch as the pink, rose gold tones match my skin complexion perfectly and although the watch is weighty, it isn't too heavy on my wrist. The watch has a high quality finish and glistens every time I wear it, so far I have a fair few compliments and I haven't stopped wearing it since Saturday. Do I have any regrets buying this? Absolutely not. The MK5896 is a timeless, feminine piece and as long nothing happens to it, I can see myself wearing this for a very long time.

Do you own a Michael Kors watch?


  1. I am following you for a while, and your blog is definitely one of my favourites.
    I am really sorry for you aunt and for those things that happened to you. Being diagnosed with something chronic is always difficult to deal with, but you have to be positive! :)

    About the watch, it's so beautiful! And I have no doubt that you're gonna wear it for a very long time! :D
    And Happy Birthday, Jessica! I wish you the best!

  2. so sorry for ur loss...May you all find peace in this difficult time.

    coming to this beautiful watch, its soooo pretty, i am sure you will have it till you have kids big enough to wear watches lol.

    and happy birthday

    do check my blog too thanx

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss, what a horrible thing. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis too - I can't imagine how hard to deal with that must be!
    The watch is beautiful and I hope it's helping you feel a little better ♡

    Jess xo

  4. Cancer is such a cruel part of life, I'm so sorry to hear of such an important family member passing away.



  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss hun. My thoughts are with you are and your family.

    This watch is beautiful, I love the colour and design.

    Kimberley x


  6. I am very sorry for your loss.
    Sending a hug... or two your way...

  7. Love this! Plus you have reminded me that mine needs a new battery! xxxx


  8. Im so sorry for your loss of your family member. I found your blog because i was looking up this watch. It is beautiful, wear it well. Youre right- life is too short. And can change in an instant. Enjoy and live while you can:-)


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