Kiss Me I'm Brazilian OPI

The sun is warm, flowers are in bloom and I'm currently in love with everything spring. All my favourite colours are associated with this time of year - pastel pinks, pretty lilacs and baby blues, I'm such a girly girl. 

A few weeks ago I came to the conclusion I have far too much makeup and spent an entire afternoon sorting out my makeup draws. Two hours later I had two black bin bags overflowing with out of date makeup and products that I wish I had not bought. My nail polish collection was the worst hit - so many nail polishes I had have dried up and I hadn't even noticed. Luckily my nail polish collection is rather large and despite throwing a lot out, I still probably have over 100.

Throwing away some of my makeup collection was a huge accomplishment, I am somewhat of a makeup hoarder and often find myself attached to certain colours. It has become so out of hand that I have a small walk in closet dedicated to my makeup and magazines. To congratulate myself for being productive, I decided to treat myself to a new nail polish...I'm sure one wont hurt.

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian is one of my new favourite OPI polishes. The colour is bright barbie pink and the longevity of the colour amazes me. I'm one of those that chips her nails instantly after having them done, but this nail polish seems to be perfect days after I applied it. I have always been a fan of OPI - especially my James Bond nail polish collection, but this bright colour is one that I would wear everyday and I am incredibly happy it has lived up to my expectations.

An additional coat was applied after this photograph.
What do you think of OPI nail polishes?


  1. Such a pretty bright colour!

  2. Looks much brighter on the bail than in the bottle - nie colour for summer xXx


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