Comme Une Evidence L'eau de Parfum

I openly admit that I am a perfume hoarder and every spring season my collection just grows. The reason for this is due to my obsession with spring time fragrances. Anything that has a hint of floral notes or a sweet, juicy scent has to be mine. Yves Rocher was a brand I mainly associated with cosmetics, it wasn't until recently I discovered they had a wide selection of perfumes and sprays. 

Comme Une Evidence

Comme Une Evidence*, L'Eau Parfum Intense by Yves Rocher is the latest fragrance to make it into my collection. My perfume collection is in two sections - one is a draw full to the top with my special perfumes that I don't want to use too often or those that I don't like as much and my dressing table top shelf is where my everyday perfume resides and the ones I cannot stop using. Comme Une Evidence by Yves Rocher, although I have only had it two weeks, has made it to my top shelf. The sweet, juicy and hint of musky notes has made this scent irresistible to my senses. A spritz of this perfume makes me feel fresh, vibrant and feminine, catching the attention of men as I glide by on the bus taking to my seat. The Comme Une Evidence is an intense fragrance which combines Damascus rose and Jasmine absolute. The perfume is then enriched with  floral and wood notes, which is delicately finished off with a praline scent to add sensuality. This fragrance incorporates all the scents I love to wear on a daily basis and the sweet, floral lingering scent makes me feel like I'm running through a springtime meadow. This perfume is like a love story in a bottle and leaves me wanting more.



  1. Rose & Jasmine?! My two fave scents! This sounds wonderful, need to get hold of this, pronto! x

  2. This sounds beautiful!! I had a sample of an Yves Rocher scent in a Glossybox and it was so nice :)

    Jess xo

  3. this sounds soooo pretty :) rose and jasmine r my two fav scents too :)


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