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As a blogger, I am always trying to find affordable, trendy fashion items to feature on my blog, but sometimes keeping up with the latest trends can be rather difficult and can also tug on the purse strings. That is why I love eBay. Imagining the Internet without ebay is like bread without butter or ice-cream cones without the ice cream, it is a website that many including me have grown accustomed to and cannot live without. If it wasn't for eBay, I wouldn't have been able to afford my favourite Samantha French Connection dress and I bought my first IMac back in 2011 from eBay as I couldn't afford one full price and using that Mac really helped advance my blog with the software I was able to use. It is amazing how many opportunities one website can evoke

If you like affordable fashion, you are sure to like eBay and if you have an addiction to Pinterest like me, you will love eBay's new feature. eBay have recently launched a new feature called 'ebay Collections.'eBay Collections enables you to create a Pinterest style mood board for all the items you would like to buy and later on, you have ability to shop for your products. The possibilities for the collections are endless. Maybe you are looking to do a birthday wish list collection? or you are looking to create a mood board of clothing you would like to take on holiday? With eBay's new feature, it is easy to add items and create virtual shopping lists based on your moods. All you need to do is browse eBay as you usually would and click the 'add to collection' button. You can then name them all and choose your themes. If you are a social bunny and like sharing your collections, there are social media buttons in the corner so you can share them all with your friends. Perfect for giving birthday present hints or even creating a wedding day wish list.

To launch the eBay Collections, eBay teamed up with many well-known bloggers and asked them to create their own mood boards. When I was approached to be a part of this campaign, I felt really privileged. I have been using the website for such a long and never in dreams did I think I would have this type of amazing opportunity. eBay asked all the bloggers to create collections that told a story or have a theme running through them. Each blogger has been 12 - 15 mood boards between them in which you can browse and shop for items - you can even share the collections with your friends. My collection boards are based on the things I love - for example 50s fashion or things that I like to dream about, like the Rapunzel hair. I always loved that fairytale growing up and I would love to have Rapunzel hair. The collection is series of hairpieces, hair tools and products that would enable my hair to hopefully look more vibrant and gain the length of my dreams. Some of my mood boards are a little bit quirky and reflect my childhood or films that I like - the Bond Girls mood board is tailored around my secret obsession of being a James Bond girl - hey, every girl can dream and 'Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend' symbolises my love for everything luxurious.

For anyone looking for an easy way to keep on track of their shopping in a fun and exciting way, I really do recommend the new eBay Collections - make sure you check out mine.

*This is a sponsored post by Ebay.

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