My Birthday Wishlist

In just under four weeks time I will be another year older. The past year has gone incredibly fast, it feels like I have only just started my third year of uni, but in a few weeks time I will be finishing my degree. It is a daunting, yet exciting time. A time when everything I have worked hard for will hopefully come together, but unfortunately the hard work isn't over yet. My birthday (just my luck) happens to fall a few days before one of the biggest deadlines I have ever had in my university lifetime, my dissertation. I can imagine it being rather stressful and I will have little time to celebrate, but luckily for me, the week after marks the start of the Easter holidays and I will have some time to celebrate my belated birthday.

To help me get in the mood for my birthday, I have created a little birthday wish list and I'm hoping that somehow my partner may stumble upon it. *hint hint* The first item on my wish list is Marc Jacob's Daisy Delight. A few days ago I went into my local Boots store and after trying this on for the first time, I fell head over heels for it. It smells absolutely divine. The Limited Edition Daisy Delight smells sweet and juicy, with a floral, musky base. With notes of apple, gardenia, iris and peony, it makes the perfect springtime fragrance.

The second item on my wish list is this white blazer from H&M. It isn't so much a gift that I would ask people to buy me, it is most likely going to be a gift to myself as a birthday treat. I was shopping in H&M last week and tried this blazer on, but unfortunately they did not have my size. I could see myself wearing this on a regular basis with my faux leather trousers and chelsea boots - I really need this blazer in my life.

The third item is the Chanel Rouge Allure Incandescente. I love my bright lipsticks and I love Chanel, this would be the perfect birthday gift.

Finally, I've been wanting these Vivienne Westwood orb Anchor earrings for quite some time now and if I don't get them for my birthday, I'll definitely be treating myself to them after graduation. I have always taken a liking to anything nautical. My dad's obsession with sailing has definitely rubbed off on me.

Are you planning on treating yourself anytime soon?


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  1. Great choice with the Marc Jacobs fragrance, I smelt that just the other day in Boots, it is lovely.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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