Mothers Day Perfume: Clinique Calyx

Perfumes are always the first gift I think about for Mothers Day. Selecting a perfume is not an easy task and if you get the perfume right, you could win brownie points. There are so many variations of scents on the market and every woman has their own preferences. Selecting a perfume that incorporates your mums favourite flowers, scents and style will show how much you really know her. My mum has always gone for either the strong musky scented perfumes or ones that are light and airy. Her favourite is the cheap, but delightful Georgia Armani as it is the same one she has worn for years and brings back special memories. A perfume that reminds me of my mum on other hand is the Calvin Klein Europhia. She had it bought for Christmas and I remember that year she wore a long blue velvet dress and had her long brunette hair in curls, it was when I looked at my mum for the first time and thought, hey, it wouldn't be so bad if I turned out like her.

The Clinique Calyx is currently one of my favourite perfumes and a scent that I think everyone should consider buying for their mum for mothers day. Admittedly before this perfume, I had never really tried any of the Clinique fragrances and at first glance, I did not really find this bottle that appealing. Calyx has a sweet citrus scent, complimented with heart and lush green tones. When I first tried the Calyx fragrance, I was blown away with the instant fresh aura and loved the sweet sophistication of the perfume. Each day I have found myself leaning towards this perfume more than my other scents with includes Chanel, Michael Kors and many others. The Calyx just makes the perfect everyday fragrance - it's not too heavy and not too light. The perfume is long lasting and keeps you feeling as fresh as a daisy all day through. When my mum had a whiff of this perfume, she said that it is the perfect fragrance for someone her age as it makes her feel youthful and vibrant - a feeling that I am sure many older woman like to have everyday. The Clinique Calyx* is £46 - which I think is a little bit on the expensive side, but nevertheless a great investment piece. It is a scent that puts you in a good mood at the start of the day and leaves you still feeling fresh towards the end. 

What scent would you buy your mum on Mothers Day?



  1. I've never smelt this perfume before but I'm definitely going to find it next time I'm in Debenhams! Fab review xx

  2. My dad is allergic to perfume so I've never been able to buy y mum any! :(


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