Just a Gothic Girl

It often comes as quite a surprise to most people that I once was a 'goth'. If you backtracked to around six years ago, you would have seen me wearing corsets on a daily basis, wearing black lipstick and looking like someone that was definitely in the wrong era. My music of choice was The Sisters of Mercy, 69s Eyes, Bauhaus, Within Temptation and a few heavy metal bands - all of which I still listen to today, but within moderation. My gothic looks may have faded and the jet black hair may have been coloured away, but a part of me still belongs to the dark side. These days I wear more leather pants, leather jackets and wear considerably less black eyeshadow. My clothing alters between feminine and floral to dark, yet sophisticated. I enjoy playing around with my style more than ever, but at heart, I will always be a gothic girl.

When Blue Banana approached me to review one of their items, I felt like it was a chance to dress up and be the old Jessica for a short time. Being a lover of corsets, I opted for the Black Roses corset and wasn't disappointed. The pattern is feminine, yet edgy and the silver clasps draw attention to the waist. The corset is sturdy and ties really well, but I do find the front hooks a little bit flimsy and hard to fasten, however once it is fastened, there is no getting it off. 

I love corsets in and outside the bedroom. The way they tighten your waist and give you the perfect hourglass figure makes me feel confident and sexy. Teamed up with a pair of wet look leathers or leather pants, it's easy for anyone to pull off a 'rock chick' vibe and what's even better is that corsets can suit all different types of women. I wore corsets when I was a size 18 and wear them now I'm a size 8. They help define your figure and hide the bits you don't want anyone to see, making them the perfect little wardrobe item for someone who feels self conscious. I'm not quite sure that I could ever be one of those women that wear corsets everyday - there is only so much breath holding a woman can do, but for evenings out and a little bit of fun in the bedroom, corsets are a lot of fun.



  1. i think the corset looks great and it's always really fun to play dress up and revisit something that was once a huge influence on your life - I loved punk when I was younger and it's great to channel that occasionally

    Laura x

  2. I think it looks really great! And it's nice to see something you used to wear all the time re-appear in your life now!

  3. You look so glamorous! I love how you re-styled your old look to fit in with your new look. It's just incorporating who you are :D


  4. Oooh I like this dark side Jessica - witt woooo


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  5. i absolutly love the corset you look gorgeous hun x

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