Celebrity Skin Clarifying Skin Polish

Recently I have become a little bit obsessed with my skin care routine, something I have highly neglected in the past. I'm not sure, but I think it is down to the fact I turn 23 in a few weeks time and I have come to the conclusion that I need to start looking after my skin more before the wrinkles start appearing. I am incredibly lucky that I have never had many issues with my skin - I never suffered from bouts of teenage acne like my friends, I haven't got any blemishes and my skin rarely suffers from dry or oil patches. In fact, many beauticians have said I have wonderful skin, my only issue is...all this seems to good to be true. I have a theory that eventually I will get really bad spots or my wrinkles will look hideous to revenge me of having beautiful skin throughout my teenage years. I'm pretty sure this almost perfect complexion will not last.

Recently I discovered a brand called Celebrity Skin and I have since become hooked on their Clarifying Skin Polish*. Celebrity Skin 'is an online advanced skincare and mineral makeup retail boutique' based in the UK. The brand was established by Cheryl Foster, an Aesthetic Practitioner who was trained at Harley Street, London and has many years of beauty experience. Celebrity Skin products are Paraben free and made from organic ingredients, meaning that your skin is free from nasties. The Skin Clarifying Polish is a cream cleanser and moisturising face wash that promises to leave your skin feeling 'softer, brighter and healthier.' 

Firstly, I am a sucker for good looking packaging and I love the pretty pink logo of all the Celebrity Skin products. They look like they would be nice to sit on a dressing table and evoke a sense of femininity. Secondly, I am happy to say that the product lives up to the expectations set on the website. The Clarifying Skin polish has a light, delicate fragrance and softly glides on to the skin. Some exfoliating products from my past experience, has the tendency to be a little bit too 'bitty' (probably not the best description, but I am sure you know what I mean), but this product gets the balance right. Once the cleansing product had been washed off my face, I could feel the instant softness of my skin and I was happy to see my face looking more radiant. The best bit about this product is the fact that it is affordable. The Clarifying Skin Polish is sold for £18, which is cheaper than Clinique or Clarins, but still has the quality of high end products. The fact that you only need a small amount each time ensures you get your moneys worth and finally, it's a product that I'm pretty happy to be shown off in my bathroom.

Have you tried Celebrity Skin before?



  1. I'm also turning 23 very soon and stressing out about my skin too! I am studying up on Lisa Eldridge and Caroline Hirons' favourites and planning a big revamp :) I have normal skin like you but it does lack softness sometimes and can be a bit dull. This sounds like a great product to add to my routine :)

  2. I haven't tried anything from them but you're right - the packaging is lovely!

  3. We will always be interested in celebrity news because we all need an opportunity to let our minds indulge in a fantasy world that is much more glamorous than our own.


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