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Last night I attended the Oaks Boutique blogger event in Leeds and I had such a wonderful time. A group of local bloggers were given the chance to browse their latest collections, sip on copious amounts of Prosecco  and in true blogger style, take pictures of cupcakes. I have always been a fan of boutique clothing stores, they're a chance to find individual and bespoke items that really have the wow factor. Oaks Boutique definitely impressed us all. There was plenty of this seasons baby pink clothing, soft blue and some sparkling going out pieces. All of us bloggers walked round in awe at all of the items, riffling through our purses and hastily checking our bank balances, wishing we could buy everything in store.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by the lovely store owners and offered a drink and a cupcake. The cupcakes remained in the box right until the end of the evening as most of the fashion bloggers did not dare touch them - they looked like pieces of art, far too good to eat. When we finally surrendered, they were probably the yummiest cupcakes I have ever had and the room went almost silent apart from 'mmm' noises as we savoured every moment of them.

The store itself is extravagant, beautiful and a evokes a sense of luxury from the minute you walk through the door. The red drawstring curtains add a theatrical feel to the changing rooms and the gold finishing touches ooze sophistication. 

Although the main part of the evening was to look around the collection, it was really hard to resist shopping. We were all heading in and out of the changing rooms getting excited by all the beautiful clothing and accessorises. The hardest part of all was choosing what to buy. If we had it our way, I can guarantee that most of us would walk out with at least half the shop. I fell in love with this clutch bag last night. I love the studded touches, the gold outer rim and it is the perfect size for a clutch - not too big or small, just right. Unfortunately I did not get round to buying this, but I hope one day it will make its way to my collection.

The second item I fell in love with, but didn't get chance to buy was these beautiful charm bracelets. I have always regarded myself as a bit of a 'free spirit' or 'hippie' and I love the peace signs and hearts attached to this bracelet. It would go with so many outfits and the bracelet itself felt such good quality.

Finally, like many of the bloggers that evening, I fell in love with this Burberry inspired scarf. It was so soft, has an incredibly versatile design and is the perfect length for a scarf to wrap you up in the winter weather, but not overly smother you. Yet again, this isn't an item I bought on the evening, but it is something I will definitely be returning to the store to buy - it is far too pretty to turn down.

In the end I bought this gorgeous baby pink oversized jumper with a leather collar. Since I am only a petite 5ft2, the jumper fits me almost like a dress and I absolutely love it. Throughout the evening I had many compliments towards my purchase and I really can't wait to wear it again and do an outfit post to share with you. 

The Oaks Boutique did not disappoint last night and left me dreaming of all their clothing. Unfortunately I do not live close enough to make regular visits to the boutique, but if I ever feel like a little adventure to the outskirts of Leeds, this is definitely a place I will visit. For those who have liked the clothing on this blog post, fear not. Oak Boutique are now taking phone orders, so all of us who do not live within close proximity of the venue doesn't have to miss out.



  1. Looks like such a lovely event, I wish I lived in the UK sometimes so I could visit some of these boutiques I see in posts like this! The red velvet curtains are a beautiful touch :)

  2. The jumper looks beautiful, definitely works as a dress on you!!
    Those cupcakes have made me so hungry haha

    Jess xo

  3. This looks like a great event. Those cupcakes look to die for! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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