Ignite Passion with Sadie Hart

Valentines Day might be over, but there's no reason to let the passion die out and with the Sadie Hart range, there is everything you need to keep a twinkle in your loved ones eye. Stated on the website: "Sadie Hart is a high-end luxury goods brand that has four main product strands; jewellery, candles, homeware and stationary. It is a British Company selling 'must-have' investment pieces.' There is everything from heart shaped jewellery, luxe white candles and pretty home ware you can buy if you missed treating your loved one yesterday.

When I came across the Sadie Hart website for the first time, my initial thought was that everything looked expensive crisp white and could easily blend in with my house. The products are versatile and would fit with any colour scheme. As a lover of candles, I was instantly drawn to their Signature Candle Gift boxset. This particular candle comes in two scents, Mandarin and Sandalwood or Jasmine and Patchouli.* I like subtle, yet striking scents and the Sandalwood aroma definitely suits my earth child personality. The candle is simple, yet extravagant and if you have a passion for all things British, this candle was hand poured in the UK so you know that you are buying into a product made with love.

Not only does Sadie Hart make the most wonderfully scented candles, they also design beautiful jewellery that comes in the most divine packaging - all grey and white oozing luxury. This Hepburn Necklace*is probably one of the prettiest, most understating elegant pieces of jewellery I own. The heart shaped half an inch solid silver pendant rests on a beautiful, shimmering sterling silver trace chain and looks exquisite no matter how you wear it. The necklace is also age versatile, meaning it would look good on a woman of any age - perfect for a gift for mothers day, a belated Valentines present for your loved one or simply a little midweek treat for yourself. 

Sadie Heart also offers complimentary luxury wrapping paper and stickers and I was very impressed with the packaging when my parcels arrived. The wrapping paper was weighty, conveying a feeling of high quality and the wrapping paper was printed with the Sadie Hart elegant logo. 

Sadie Hart has really won me over with their lovely candles and jewellery pieces and best of all, they are a British brand which makes me love them more. Their service has been fantastic and their pieces have been above my initial expectations. Would I shop at Sadie Hart again? I'm already planning on doing so.



  1. Beautiful necklace!
    I love scented candles, although I don't own many, and in fact I was thinking to buy some more, with different scents. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!
    Xoxo, Victoria



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