DKNY Limited Edition Urban Violet

These days you can't help but come across a post on Facebook and Twitter that says 'You Weren't a Nineties Child if You Can't Remember This' or something along those lines. Well if we had to do a ' 'You Didn't Live Through the Noughties Unless You Have Heard of This Beauty Product', DKNY fragrances would be included in them. The DKNY fragrances were launched in the early nineties, but as a teenager in the 'Noughties', their affordable price and quirky scents captured me. The DKNY fragrances were my first journey into a more sophisticated perfume palette, but with their fruity style, I was enable to remain an innocent teenager. 

DKNY have recently launched their DKNY Be Delicious City Blossom Eau De Toilette limited edition collection featuring a twist on the classic apple scent named 'Empire Apple',  a more floral scent called 'RoofTop Peony and finally, my favourite the DKNY Urban Violet. As I have got older, I have been wary that the DKNY fragrances may be a little bit too young for me. I have now grown into more sophisticated, musky scents and stepped away from perfumes with overly fruity notes. However, the DKNY has notes of Mandarin, Blackberry and Apple blossom, accented with tones of freesia and violet, making the fragrance toned down and more of a fruity, yet floral scent. The Urban Violet is still a rather sweet fragrance and captures a more younger audience, but somehow I have found myself getting rather addicted to this little bottle and using the DKNY spray for nothing more than nostalgia for one of my favourite teenage perfume brands. The DKNY City Blossom* is £35 for a 50ml fragrance and it's a great buy for someone looking for an everyday, affordable perfume to wear. The bottle is a beautiful lilac colour and easily transportable in your handbag, perfect for those looking for a go-to product to get them through fashion season.

What is your favourite perfume?



  1. I have lots of favourites but at the moment it's Elie Saab and Roberto Cavalli, I used to wear DKNY alot a few years ago though, it's a lovely fragrance. X

  2. I have one of these fragrances and I get so many compliments when I wear it :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. I love the bottles that DKNY do. I was just given the perfume Alien... it's lovely. I still like fruity fragrances!

  4. I am in love with 'La vie est Belle' at the moment, however I agree with Hollie, the DKNY bottles are always beautiful! Emma x

  5. This sounds really nice, I like their other scents as well, but agree they are kinda sweet which isn't my favorite. Great review.
    Kallie @ But First Coffee

  6. I want to give this a smell :) my favourites are Vera Wang Princess and Dior Addict 2.

    meimei xx

  7. I love Donna Karen perfumes. My boyfriend got me the Be Delicious in the red apple shaped bottle. Love it.


  8. Never tried any of them - I must live underground haha


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

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