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Sparkly dress

This year I don't really know what I'll be doing for Valentines Day. It's only a few days after me and my partner move house and the same weekend as London Fashion Week - I could be in London for all I know. One thing is for sure, I will definitely be dressing up for my man. I'm the type of girl that doesn't really need a special occasion to get dressed up. I would walk around my living room everyday wearing sparkly dresses and six inch heels if I got the chance. I would love nothing more than being able to go all 'Liverpool girl' going to the hairdressers and getting my hair done at ridiculous time in the morning, I love how much time they invest in looking good. I'm not superficial, but I believe that when you're looking good, you feel more confident. Even when I was a size 18 I felt like a million dollars after squeezing into a figure hugging dress and gliding on my favourite pair of heels. I didn't care back then whether it suited my figure or what other people thought, as long as I felt I personally looked good that's all that matters. I still feel the same way now I'm a more slender size 8. 

Sparkly dress

Todays outfit suggestions are courtesy of* and*, two brands which I have come to fall in love with lately. I have been searching for the perfect dark glitter dress for quite some time now and when Wearall decided they would like to collaborate with me, I knew exactly which dress to choose. The Bella Sparkly Lurex Low mini dress is a perfect choice for Valentines day. It is figure hugging, yet really elasticated for if you have been taken out for a big meal and the sparkly pattern looks sophisticated. The scooped cutaway back is fab for showing off your shoulders and being a little bit flirty without showing off too much skin.

Sparkly dress

I'm rather delighted with this dress as I personally think it looks more expensive than it actually is. On the website this dress retails at £13.95 - how can you go wrong? If I had to be brutally honest about this dress, although it looks beautiful and rather exquisite, the fitting is of poor quality. The size 8-10 which I selected is rather big on me - though that is no fault of the supplier, but the sleeves have a tendency to slide down and the back is billowing. This could merely be down to my awkward body shape and in all fairness at £13 for a pretty fab dress, I'm sure I can find ways around it.

The second dress by is this wonderful little pink bandage dress that I would recommend to everyone. It fits like a dream, looks bright and snazzy for a night out on Valentines Day and replicates a lot of celebrity styles such as the classic Herve Ledger dresses. This dress is rather skintight and although I could have easily got away with a size smaller, I'm happy I opted for a size 10 so that I could fit my wonderful new Figgahuggas* underneath it.


If you haven't heard of Figguahuggas, they are a new slimwear brand focused on appealing to the younger generation. They understand that a lot of the slimming lingerie products on the market are quite unflattering for the younger lady and I for one am happy to wear something that looks young and vibrant rather than my pairs of 'Bridget Jones' style panties. Having lost a lot of weight as you all know, I have been left with a rather unflattering tummy. Whatever you would like to call it 'the mothers apron', the 'belly flap', the 'muffin top' it is there and unless I have surgery it is not moving. It is something that seriously affects my confidence on an everyday basis and finding clothing that looks flattering on my stomach, but in a size 8 is often a little bit difficult. Every now and then I resort to putting on my 'Spanx', but it still doesn't do a good enough trick. Figgahuggas are perfect for my body, they give me such a wonderful silhouette, make my stomach feel almost none existent and to me, it feels like an instant stomach tuck. I honestly cannot praise this brand enough, just one of their funky pink coloured dresses has transformed the way I feel about myself and at £50 a piece, they're cheaper and better for my health than going under the knife.


What do you think of my dresses and have you ever tried Figgahuggas?


  1. Really enjoyed reading this post, I can't believe you lost so much weight that is incredible! I'm stuck in such a rut lately because I worry that I can't loose the weight. But having read this, it really is possible to change your body shape and it's never too late! The glittery dress is absolutely gorgeous - I'm sorely tempted to purchase it!! Do you think the dress is a size bigger then it actually states? Worried about buying the wrong size and the hassel of sending it back :(

    Do you have a favourite nail varnish brand? Would love to know all about it on my new post!


    1. The dress is really elasticated and baggy on me, but I can't really say how it would be on anyone else. I'd probably recommend just trying your size - it's a beautiful dress, it's worth the hassle!


  2. Those figgahuggas look amazing!!! Don't think I can justify spending that much though :(

  3. I love the bright pink dress :) looks good on you ;) xo's


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