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Being five foot nothing with stumpy legs, I see heeled shoes as my ultimate saviour. They define and elongate my legs, add height and plus who doesn't like owning a large collection of shoes? I have many variations of heels from platforms to wedges, 6 inch heels to a pair of black stripper shoes. I can't help it, shoe shopping is my weakness. Recently I have discovered the website Spy Love Buy and fallen in love with their various shoe designs. At Spy Love Buy there's many different shoes to cater for everyones needs and the heels are incredibly high - something I really cannot resist.

Stiletto heels

After browsing the Spy love Buy website for quite some time, I picked these shoes to add to my collection. I love how sophisticated they look, the shimmering of the glitter top and the statement gold heel. These shoes look like they could easily rival some of my designer shoes, but cost a fraction of the price. At £24.95 for the pair, I could buy several of them.

Stiletto heels

Not only do the shoes look good, they feel comfortable and wearable. There's nothing worse than buying heels that simply become display objects in your wardrobe because they are too uncomfy to wear. I have several pairs like that. I can't part with them because they look too beautiful, but I could probably never wear them either. These shoes would look great for an evening out, but also are subtle and sophisticated enough to wear around an office during your day job. I could easily see myself wearing these after I graduate. Spy Love Buy have definitely won me over with their affordability and beautiful styles, I can see myself shopping there quite frequently in the future.

Have you shopped at Spy Love Buy?



  1. Very pretty. I'm not even 5'0, so I am a total heel girl as well. I've gotten to the point that I can't stand wearing flats!

    Brass in Pocket Blog

  2. They look great, enjoy them, and let's hope they won't become display objects in your shoe closet, you're so right about that. I also have a few of those display objects, bought them because I liked them, and then they turned out to be not so comfortable.
    So my new shoe thing is not only elegant, but also comfortable. Last week I bought two pairs of platform booties (one in black and one in leopard print), and today I bought a pair of chunky platform sandals from H&M -- all of them very comfy!

    Xoxo, Victoria


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