John Greed Jewellery Review

John Greed Jewellery, Forevermissvanity

Yesterday I felt a little bit poorly and had very little energy. I was sat in bed with my onesie staring at the ceiling and my mum runs up stairs saying that I had a parcel delivered. I opened the outer packaging to reveal these beautiful little packets containing a few items of John Greed jewellery I was sent to review.

According to their website, John Greed believed "Jewellery should be exciting, innovative and expertly designed and that should be sold in a way reflecting that."His passion for jewellery lead to the creation of the John Greed store and website. In 1991, John Greed started his website with nothing more than £100 in his pocket, but today the John Greed Jewellery store is one of the UK's fastest growing independent retailers, with thousands of visitors each day.

John Greed Jewellery, Forevermissvanity

The jewellery came in a two beautiful black packages adorning the John Greed signature logo. I opened them up to find additional wrapping in the form of black crate paper and another sticker with store details. The jewellery was neatly wrapped up and I like the fact that I felt my jewellery had been protected through the post. 

John Greed Jewellery, Forevermissvanity

The two items I chose were from the John Greed Fierce Fashion range. I'm falling in love with Aztec inspired jewellery at the moment and I couldn't help, but be drawn to these two beautiful items. This Black Spike necklace retails at £9.95, yet feels such good quality for the price. It's the type of necklace that you can wear to dress up an everyday outfit or look fabulous on a night around the town. I love how the gold shimmers in the light and how the little black studs makes it look edgy.

John Greed Jewellery, Forevermissvanity

These earrings are really pretty, I don't think that the picture really does them justice. They evoke an Egyptian vibe in my opinion - something I could imagine the great style icon of the Nile wearing, Miss Cleopatra.

The John Greed jewellery site sells a variety of jewellery brands as well as their own range. A few days ago I also purchased a new charm for my Pandora since they are an official retailer and they also stock Links of London, Thomas Sabo and many more.

Have you bought any new jewellery lately?



  1. Absolutely love the necklace -- it's right up my street :) lovely blog - now following! xx

  2. These look wonderful, I really like the necklace :)
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  3. Lovely blog, I love that necklace a lot! Hoarding far too many statement necklaces lately :)

    I have a new post about my Perfume Collection, any comments would be appreciated!
    Hope you can follow back on Bloglovin'!


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