Sunday Style: Vintage Styler

Recently my love of jewellery has turned from a passing fling to full on love affair. I'm obsessed with with browsing the internet looking for new pieces to invest in and it's become something of a little secret addiction. Most girls love their jewels and as a girly girl myself, I cannot deprive myself of the opportunity to own such wonderful pieces of art. Yes, I truly believe that jewellery are pieces of art. They exhibit the ability to evoke various feelings and sentiment and also, jewellery has come so far from the basic chains and bangles you used to be able to buy. There are items out there that are made with such intricacy and having been to a jewellery making studio myself, I'm a firm believer that jewellery can sometimes be underestimated. Especially when you see handfuls of cheap jewellery lining the shelves of Primarni, it's easy to forget the hours of work that has gone into making that one 'owl necklace' or sparkling bracelet.  

The newest addition to my jewellery collection has been gifted to me by the company Vintage Styler.* Vintage Styler is all about combining the timeless styles of jewellery from the past, with eclectic new designs. They have a passion for everything beautiful and also believe that 'real style is timeless.' 

This beautifully crafted bracelet is from their latest occasion wear line and I think it would make a fantastic Christmas present this winter. Not only does it sparkle and look highly versatile, it's also reminiscent of the Christmas white and gold colours and makes me think of snow. The Opal Pale Pink Vintage Style Bracelet is made from mother of pearl flat opal stones and clear crystals all attached on a luxurious gold chain. I'm not usually a fan of yellow gold, but the pale opal stones help dim down the colouring and the overall look is incredible. What I love about this bracelet is the fact that it is effortless to wear and attaches with a sturdy gold clasp. The bracelet looks almost skin tight when worn, but it has adequate breathable space and doesn't slide around getting in the way of your everyday routine. If you're looking for something special for your wedding day, this bracelet also features alongside many other beautiful products on their wedding jewellery section.

The bracelet is available from Vintage Styler at £20. Whoever says jewellery has to be expensive to look beautiful hasn't shopped in the right places. Vintage Styler has the perfect variation of jewellery to suit your every day wishes.



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