Christmas Day: A Few of The Best Bits

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful followers. I'm still in disbelief that is Christmas day, this year seems to have gone incredibly fast. I'm currently relaxing after stuffing myself full of a lovely vegetarian dinner made my my in-laws and later I'll be sipping on my favourite tipple Disaronno. When it comes to presents, I've been completely spoilt rotten this year. I've been given many things for the house I'm moving into in the New Year and also plenty of what my mum calls 'smellies' to keep me feeling and smelling beautiful all year long. Whilst my food is digesting and everyone around me sleeps off their Christmas dinner, I thought I'd fill you in on a few of my favourite Christmas presents.

The Elie Saab 50ml Box Set was bought by my wonderful fiance. I recently ran out of this perfume and I really didn't expect him to buy me another bottle. I'm so grateful.

This cute miniature Disaronno set was purchased by my lovely sister-in-law. They know me so well as Disaronno is my favourite alcoholic drink.

As a beauty blogger, I feel ever so slightly ashamed that I've barely tried any Soap and Glory products, but thanks to my future mother in law, I'll be testing out this Butter Yourself body butter shortly. It smells beautiful.

Wilkinsons has some amazing household items at the moment and from the minute I saw this owl tea pot, I knew I had to have it. I was planning on buying this in the boxing day sales with my Christmas money, but my fiance beat me to it. This will look great in our future kitchen.

My mum knows how much I love the Body Shop and treated me to this fantastic Body Shop Ginger bread house containing a ginger body butter, cranberry body butter, two shower gels and a bath sponge. 

Finally another one of my smaller presents was a Topshop voucher from my mum. I'm heading down to the sales tomorrow in hope I can snap up some fab bargains.

This post was only an extract of a few of smaller presents as I don't believe in boasting about what we have, after all Christmas is supposed to be about family and spending times with the people that make you laugh. I'm fortunate that i've been bought some lovely Christmas presents this year.

Has Santa brought you what you wanted?


  1. love the make up!! hope you had a good day xx
    Emma from

  2. Love your Boxing Day outfit from the other post. Beautifully put together.
    The owl teapot is so cute. Love it
    All the best for the new year x


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